Cute, and so not safe...

  1. But at least he's wearing a helmet!!

    This is from Cuteoverload.
  2. OMG So cute but you are right...very dangerous as well :sad:
  3. Very cute, but I hope he does not really RIDE with an unsecured little Chi on the back :wtf:
  4. hmmm........:p.....cute doggie! Not to sure how smart the driver is..IDK?
  5. The dog is adorable with his little helmet but I really hope the driver doesn't drive the Chi around like that!
  6. Ahh this picture makes me cringe...that little pup could easily slide off as he's not visibly secure on the back...I don't understand why someone would take that risk with a little Chi like that just sitting on the back of a MOTORCYCLE, helmet or not. Maybe I'm just a overprotective mother hen? You wouldn't catch my baby Gabby riding like that!
  7. Very cute! :roflmfao:
  8. Looks like scooter central Taipei.. and they are crazy drivers there! Hope the pup is strapped on....
  9. So cute but definitely not safe.
  10. Cute~~~

  11. Omg, how funny is that? Tiramisu, I love your avatar!!! I'm dressing up my kitty for Halloween too..he's going to be a cowboy.
  12. the picture is so cute, but indeed not save!
    so i hope this was just taken for the picture!
  13. OMG so adorable. I wish there were more pics, I want to see how the doggie is strapped in for safety.