Cute and cheap Old Navy flats

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  1. I think I may have to get both the red and black version of these. For $20.00 each that's a bargain! lol:graucho:
  2. Those are cute! I am going to local store to check them out! Thanks for posting!
  3. Oh-I really like those! Are they leather?
  4. No problem Travelbug, and Nishi, I highly doubt it.
  5. Those are definetely cute. It sort of looks like patent leather, but I'm not sure.
  6. definitely a bargain:biggrin:
    i love red shoes:heart:
  7. OK I went and checked them out - they are not leather, more like plastic. I tried them on and it felt hard to bend so I am not sure they are comfortable to walk in. I wanted to get a pair anyway, but guess what? Stupid Old Navy, they only had 2 pairs of size 7 left (which is my size) but both got one shoe that was all scratched up. So I asked if I could switch the shoes (they were tied together by an elastic string). I figured the way they were paired up, there was no way anybody was going to buy either pair, and I was right there ready to fork over $20 for a pair so they should let me do it, right? No, WRONG! I was told the shoes needed 'to stay together' and they couldn't let me switch the shoes! :confused1: :wtf: :sad: WTH? I went to another store and they didn't have any size 7 left. :crybaby: Oh well.
  8. Danica, they're sooo cute! :nuts:

    I wonder if anyone does a similar style in a better quality?
  9. Oh my gosh girl!! I would have just broke the elastic and done the ol switcheroo!! lol I hadn't even checked yet but it sounds like maybe they would be uncomfortable to wear being crunchy and all. I hate it when it's so difficult to find a size.
  10. Danica - I thought about untying the shoes myself for a second but decided it'd be easier to have them do it, like cutting the elastic string instead of me trying to untie 2 tiny knots and looking suspicious doing it, YKWIM? It wasn't worth the effort. Now I know how customer oriented they are. I only go in there for cheap clothes, not customer service I guess. ;)
  11. haha damn those knots!!! it was worth a go I suppose.
  12. Those are so cute!!