Cute and CHEAP Gap Hobo!

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents, attached is a pic of my new summer bag, my white Gap hobo. She's not nearly as impressive as some of the beautiful bags recently featured on Purseforum (including the GORGEOUS birkins!!), but I'm a poor girl at the moment and still want to share in the bag excitement! She was only $16.99 (marked down from $50) and will be a fun and bright addition to my summer clothes. Plus I'll be tossing my LV MC cles in her, so she'll be a bit classier by proxy ;) Even though she's not a brand name bag, I'm pretty excited about her! :shame:
    ebay 114.jpg
  2. It's cute! Are there pockets on the other side as well?
  3. That is a cute bag. Gap makes some really nice stuff.
  4. Wow what a great deal. I was in there last week and saw some nice looking hobos. I like how they use real leather. There's nothing worse than pleather. Great summer color!
  5. Ooh it's cute! I like it! GAP and Banana have been coming out with a LOT better purses this season compared to the stuff they've had out before.. I'm impressed with them!
  6. Very fresh and summery. Cute!
  7. Very cute!!!! And who doesn't LOVE a good deal!!
  8. Thats very cute, and a great deal! How does the interior look? PF is starting to get me hooked on white bags, lol.
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments, ladies :smile: The interior is lavender colored fabric, and it doesn't have side pockets, but it does have a couple of ring embellishments. The Gap in town had this bag in black, olive green, and a light lemon yellow as well if anyone is interested, check your local Gap. It's a good deal!
  10. great purse i think it's cute too! id love to pay that great price on a white bag...good choice!
  11. I bought it in yellow for my best friend! and then she told me that she wanted the white so hopefully she can exchange it. cute!
  12. That's an adorable purse! I love white bags with big pockets in front.:love:
  13. Great buy!! That bag is Adorable! White is really popular this spring, I bet it looks even better on!
  14. The big is cute!! And def will be cuter w/ yr MC cles in there!!
  15. Very cute and what a deal! Good choice!