Cute accessory alert! Found these while browsing

  1. Oh those would make great gifts
  2. Those are sooo cute AND I have been looking for a new cute key chain!! Thanks.
  3. RAOK participants take notice! These would be a nice way to send some sunshine!
  4. Thanks for posting, what a great stocking stuffer!
  5. Love the Vegas one!!
  6. wow adorable!!! great find armcandy!
  7. Cute!
  8. love!
  9. Those are adorable!
    Great gifts - thanks for posting!
  10. That's some cute keychains!
  11. I would definitely attach one of those to my bag, but they need a Chicago one!!!

    (too bad they don't come in gold-toned - I wonder if the silver would clash w/gold hardware??)
  12. ohh so cute thank you!! are there any Saks codes, to get them cheaper ? :smile:
  13. Adorable! Thanks for the heads up!