Cut out one piece swimsuits

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I love this suit! But, they are out of my size. Has anyone seen suits similar to this?
  2. wow, that is someting that I would definitely wear and I love two pieces.

    I havent seen anything similar to that.
  3. Check out Shopbop's one-piece swimsuit section. They have a few that are exactly the same style.
  4. i cant rock that =\

    my top and bottom are 2 completelly different sizes:

    xl for top and s/m for bottom
    i can only wear 2 pieces
  5. I really like those! I remember one piece suits being kind of dull and ugly but these are really cute!
  6. I actually saw a similar style in target that I really loved... I think I'm actually gonna try them!
  7. That's really cute and sexy!

    I hate the bathingsuits with cutouts in the front though :s
  8. they're cute although I prefer the ones with bigger cut-outs myself.
  9. i love monokinis :smile:
    i bought a cute no-name brand one at marshalls....
    but most places have them now....
    i saw a really cute Paul Frank one too
  10. The Delias ones are so cute....

    The problem is, you will tan weird, so be aware of that....
  11. ^^ Yeah...I always think of the weird tans and then put the suit back down.