Cut off lv ?

  1. I thought that was a no no ?
    LV white 2.jpg pic pricilla.jpg
  2. it's unavoidable on some styles my priscilla is like that as the bottom is wider than top so you get a bigger Lv at the bottom and the next one is slimmer
  3. Huh.... What? Sorry I know I am being slow but I wanna know!!!

    ((Hot hot hot weather w/o A/C is melting my brain.))
  4. ^ the canvas for the bag is cut at an angle tapering towards the top of the bag, because it's cut at an angle it unavoidable that the Lv's would be cut it only happens on some styles generally it's a no no
  5. Ok, I thought it was a no no. That regardless they line up the lv's so they arent cute off..

    Guess i just never paid attention to this bag much until now.
  6. Wow i did not think LV would do that.
  7. Wow you all are so observant.

  8. they would be able to because that would mean changing the position of the LV during "printing" or whatever it's called
  9. Oh, I get it now...cut off...sorry, brain fried here.
  10. ^^ HAHAHA i'm slow, I just noticed what i put in the title.
  11. Thanks for bringing it up.. I too tot its a NO NO!! i even told my mum so..
  12. Changed the title !

    I think the elipse is another model that has the same inevitable cut off-ness.
  13. For some bags it's for the Aurelia GM, the LV's may be cut off at the top.

    It depends on the style, really. If you see cut off LV's on the Speedy 25, let's say...that's not supposed to have cut off LV's, so if you see that on a mono Speedy 25, that's a no no
  14. hehehe no worries, it was a cut title (oh I mean cute, couldn't resist!!) ;)

    Very interesting observation...never had noticed but thanks for the pics!!
  15. That is indeed how the Priscilla is. Although my Priscilla has a slightly different placement of the LV on the pocket flap than the bag pictured here.