Cut in leather that goes through chain handle!

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  1. I actually have to say I'm extremely dissapointed in the quality of the Maxi Patent Chanel bag I purchased.

    I purchased the bag from Hawaii and when I got back home I noticed there was a cut in the patent leather that goes through the chain. So I called the Chanel store in my country and they said they would replace it. They did. Now I have taken the 'New' bag out of box and I know its a different bag but there's 2 cuts in 2 different parts of the leather that goes through the chain handle/strap.

    What on earth am I to do? They've replaced it but this ones ruined aswell. I haven't even used it yet. This shouldn't be like this. Chanel charge ridiculous amounts and the qualitys absolute cr*p. I know everyone hates fakes. I do aswell, but I have to say I bet this doesn't happen to a replica!

    Has this ever happened with anyone elses? Or is it just me?
  2. Wow! thats strange! :o usually chanel leather is pretty resistant. My chanel is more than 30 years old yet no pb with the leather yet!
    How much did they charge you for the new leather ones?
  3. I paid $4,100. Its the Classic Flap in Patent. The bag itself is perfect its just the leather that goes through the chain. It looks like a little cut.
    I'm really dissapointed with this.
  4. Still its so weird. I mean once ok but twice? :O are you going to get it repared for the 3rd time? Did they say anything about it at CHANEL boutique?
  5. I'm going to have to call them tomorrow and see what they say. Its pretty late here now, but as soon as they open I will call Chanel again.

    Unfortunately this has put me off Chanel.
  6. yeah i see what you mean! Tell us what they think about it! It is your first chanel bag?
  7. I am not sure what you mean by cuts in leather. Can you please post a pic? Thanks
  8. I think she means that the leather is sort of ripped. Am I right?
  9. Please post pics. This is not the first time we hear about their quality. Somehow they are lagging.... Frankly, (digress abit here), the worst quality brand (in my opinion) is Fendi. The better quality ones are Bottega and LV.... As for Chanel, its in the middle...I suspect its the 'mass production' to meet demand thats causing it.
  10. That's probably true! I think my vintage bag's leather is better quality then the last collections.
  11. Hey, this is my second Chanel. I have the pink cambon bowler (I think that's what its called). From years ago.

    I have tried taking photos but it just won't show up with the flash on and its too dark without the flash, so I will wait till its light outside, then I will try again.
    Yes I do mean there's a little rip or slit in the leather that goes through the chain, not the leather on the bag itself. The strange thing is Chanel already replaced the bag but this one has the same problem as the first one.
  12. I am sorry about this but it seems that with the patent straps, splits are not uncommon..
  13. Well! whats happening to CHANEL?? These stories are scary! I who thought CHANEL was always good quality. But I've heard they had a problem with the bags about 20 years ago, maybe less i can't remember but anyway the problems seemed to be like the the ones described. Hum... maybe its happening all over again?
    I agree with ceci on the second link. Getting it sent to Paris is a good idea. I'm thinking about getting my CHANEL bag repaired ( the leather is coming off a little) but I want to get it done in Paris. Although after reading all these stories Im hesitating about getting it repaired. The boutique in San Francisco said they would send it to NY but no! I dont want to get it repaired in the US! If i do decide to get it repaired i will get it done in paris. Rue Cambon is a very good boutique in my opinion.
  14. Quality in vintage Chanels is way better than the recent ones.. that is a fact. You will be able to enjoy your vintage for a long, long time!:tup: