Cut and re-perm? Let it grow?

  1. I had shoulder length hair which I permed in June. This is what I looked like right after


    My hair has grown longer now, and it's about halfway down my back.
    I'm debating whether to cut it and re-perm (since most likely the curls will be gone) or let it grow longer.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Cut, wear ponytail so the straight part won't be obvious, then re perm when it grows another 3"
  3. I really like the top pic...did you like your hair that length??
  4. I think you should try and let it grow a bit longer, then decide whether you'd like to re-perm or cut it off to a fresh start. I think you'd look beautiful with straight hair!
  5. I think we got our hair permed around the same time. I won't reperm my hair...It was AWFUL!!! It looked great for the first month or so, but then it started to get so dry that I couldn't even get a wide tooth comb through it without getting stuck in huge knots (even with conditioner!)...I flat iron my hair now, looks so much better!

    I think your hair looks great though :biggrin: I'd suggest a little trim and then having it repermed :smile:
  6. Yes, I did.

    I had the same problem, hated my hair for a while and wanted to cut it ALL off because I couldn't stand the knots. Then I started using a LUSH shampoo called Gentle Lentil (by this time I'd tried everything else under the sun) and lo and behold all my knots disappeared - no conditioner needed. It was amazing.