1. Hello all!
    I am considering ordering a bag from BalNY and I live in Toronto.
    Does anyone know how I can calculate the amount of customs I will have to pay?
    Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi there! I'm in Toronto too. I have bought 3 Cities from BalNY and paid three different customs amounts (go figure!!)


    Yes, all Cities were the same price. I guess it depens on what kind of mood they're in on any given day!
  3. You can call Revenue Canada to ask about leather handbags specifically. Number is 800 461-9999.

    I called them a while back to get some guidelines on clothing and shoes. Here's what the agent told me:

    GST + PST is charged on all goods.
    Duty is also charged on goods not made in North America. Rate depends on the item and where it was made. For example:

    - US-made (clearly marked) - payGST + PST
    - not US-made - pay 6% to 18% duty + GST + PST

    Shoes - pay 18% to 20% duty + GST + PST

    Other - pay 10% duty + GST + PST.

    Maybe handbags fall under "Clothing" or "Other"? Perhaps Maggien was charged different rates due to the exchange rate of the day? The bags cost the same in US$ but the price is different in CAD$.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. Look -- I just stumbled onto this thread in the Money Talks forum. Read the post by mona_danya -- it says that there should be only 3% duty on handbags! If you've been charged more, you can apply for a refund. I'm going to call Revenue Canada to confirm!
    Canadians--regarding customs/duties/etc.
  5. Wow!
    Thanks everyone!
    The Canadian Dollar is pretty much at par with US so I'm soo excited.
    Although the price of the Part time is 300 dollars less at BalNY, I will end up paying the same price or maybe just a little less with customs!