1. I have had a couple of people request that I lower the value on the bags that I sell so they don't have to pay customs. Is this risky? Because if you do this, you can't insure for the full amount, right? Should I just say no?
  2. I've done it many times. However, if the bag is lost.... its still you who will suffer no matter what agreement you have as long as they paid with credit card or paypal. With a wire transfer, its them taking the risk.
  3. That's right, you can only insure for the value you claim the package to be.
  4. If I ship overseas, I always list in my auctions that I will not declare a lower customs value. I always declare and insure it for the full amount. You can mark the box that declares it as a gift but I don't know how much that will help.
  5. There are a number of threads on this. I agree with the above posters and put in my auctions that I will not lie on US customs forms and will insure for the full value.

    If it gets lost, you lose. Plus you've lied on US Govt forms.
  6. i used to under value and send as a gift, but i'll only send as a gift these days, i always declare the real value in case its lost
  7. I never really gave much thought to this.Man, selling on eBay has really become a PITA. I cannot tell you how often people neglect to read that I will only ship to 'confirmed' paypal addresses. It's quite a hassle to get people to understand that- most of them are overseas too so it's double risk and cost. I am seriously thinking about making my auctions for US only- even though I know it will cut into my profit. Sorry to get off topic here, but I just had some listings end and it's 4am and I can't sleep =)
  8. Customs, in Greece they can charge 30%-40% of what you declare on Customs so for expensive items I ask to lower the value and if the seller will not apply I have them ship to my parents in New York. But for expensive items I do always ask for tracking to protect me and the seller.

    I am overseas in Greece and we can not confirm our addresses, paypal does not let us. So I get sad when auctions only say to confirm addresses. I have to disagree that I did not receive to items that I ordered and I never received the money back for the auctions even though I filed claims with paypal and E-Bay, they did not side in my favor.
  9. I am overseas in Greece and we can not confirm our addresses, paypal does not let us

    Jenna, that is so strange. I cannot imagine why this would happen. If you have a credit card on file with paypal that has the same billing address in Greece then it should be 'confirmed'. Right?
  10. i THINK its only uk and us that can be confirmed at the moment
  11. Omg, so that means I am not protected if I ship to Singapore and Germany...oh, what should I do? Ship or not ship?
  12. I will only sell expensive items outside of the US, UK or Canada (these are the only places covered by paypal protection) via paypal if the person has phenomenal feedback and/or is someone I feel I can trust from TPF. Same applies to those in the US, UK and Canada who want me to ship to a nonconfirmed address. Otherwise, if I will only take payments that are guaranteed for me as a seller like a bank wire. Otherwise you are at a serious risk.
  13. Thanks for the info. You guys are so knowledgeable!