1. Chestnuthannoverian (spelling??) and I agreed on a partial trade this week. I sent her my Sky Blue Balenciaga and she sent me an LV Multicolore Pochette and Theda Bracelet........

    WELL...I got the package today, and the BRACELET was gone.
    I called Purolator (the Canadian company that Chestnut shipped my package through) and they said Customs must have seized it because it was jewelry, and jewelry is not allowed to be sent to the US. So they are sending the bracelet back to Chestnut.

    WTF IS THAT ABOUT???? I LOVE HOW THEY OPENED THE PACKAGE TOO. :mad: For all we know, they stole the bracelet!

    They better let my B-Bag be sent to her or I will be pissed! :evil:

    Now I dk what will happen w/ the bracelet. I have no way of getting it because I am in the US and she is in Canada! :cry: :sad2: This is so terrible....I am so mad!
  2. That sounds lame. You cant send jewelry? WTF? Sounds fishy to me!
    Did you insure everything?
  3. Yes, she insured the bracelet and pochette, and I insured the B-Bag.
  4. If its all insured you will be ok. But what a ridiculous hassle. Is it true you cant ship jewelry from Canada to the US?
  5. That's what the Customer Service guy said.
    I don't know why the heck that would be a rule though! I asked him why it was, and he said he didn't know. I feel so bad for chestnut, I hope she gets the bracelet back at least!
  6. I'm expecting a package today from the US as well. I noticed from tracking that it went to Canada Customs ... I can't wait to see how much they charged me and how they open the package. They opened one of my packages before and they just shoved the bag back in the box ... no dustbag, just the bag thrown back in the box.:evil:
  7. That's terrible!

    What do I do if I never get that bracelet? Does Chestnut call them to get her money back?? I don't know how Insurance works.

    AND what if Chestnut never gets her B-Bag from me!!! This is so crazy!
  8. oh no, i'm sorry to hear that. I'm not sure how insurance works either. Let's hope the chestnut gets her bracelet back and also your bbag.
  9. Scary!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Since she can't get jewelry accross, maybe she could list it as a small leather good. She technically wouldn't be lying
  11. That reason is absolutely ridiculous and is not true. Contact US Customs.
  12. She wrote: Louis Vuitton Leather on it, they opened it anyways! :mad:
  13. How do I do that? Does anyone know the phone number?
  14. GOOD GOD! It is not illegal to import jewelry into the US for heaven's sake. It's not! Maybe the guy who answered the phone was the one who stole your bracelet. Jerk. Here is the # for Customs: 1-877-CBP-5511. Good luck.[SIZE=-2][/SIZE]
  15. I'm So Sorry. So, Customs Said The Bracelet Would Go Back To Her? I Really Hope So. I Think Her Bag Will Be Safe....They Said Just Jewelry. Oh Sweetie, I Feel Terrible.