Customs taxes

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  1. Hi ladies- I'm watching a few pairs of CLs on ebay. I live in the US, but the sellers are in Canada and Hong Kong. I'm trying to figure out the customs taxes I would be charged but I'm not sure how that works (I've never ordered from outside the country before!). To those of you who have ordered from outside the US- do you get charged taxes on the original retail price, estimated value, or the price you paid on ebay? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
  2. From Canada to the US there should be no taxes at all. I bought $700 worth of goods and had it shipped from Canada to the US with no import tax at all. There's some kind of agreement in place with customs.

    As for shipping from HK to the US you would get charges but it's based on a few factors such as cost of the item, what it's made from, how much your state tax is and how much the handling fees are for the shipping company. I don't think USPS charge any but UPS handling fees can be hefty
  3. i'm from the uk so our customs might be different, but as far as i'm aware, you get charged depending on what value the seller puts on the customs form... so if they put $50 on it, like some have done in the past to me, you don't get charged anything, but you will if they put the real value or what you pay for them. maybe ask them if they can mark it as a gift?
  4. I don't know what customs charges are- they vary by country and as many have said they also depend on the cost of the item. i will say though, as a seller, that i would never mark anything as a gift or declare a lower value than what the item sold for. there may be a seller out there who will but most don't as it is illegal and if, by some chance, the item is lost or declared lost then you can only get back the lesser value that the item was claimed for. there must be a website where you can figure out the customs charges, no?
  5. oh- and you should be charged customs on the value that the seller claims on the customs form which is more than likely going to be the price you bought it for on ebay. if you paid 150 dollars for a pair of shoes but the retail was 450 then the seller should claim the value as 150 and you would be charged as such. it's not legal to claim that it's worth more than someone paid for it. that being said if you paid 600 but the retail cost was 450 then again they should mark the value as 600. did that make sense?