Customs/taxes for getting an item from Japan to Canada?

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  1. Hey all,
    I was just wondering if anyone knew about the customs procedures when buying an item from Japan. It's going to be a Chanel bag probably over $1000 so I was wondering if I'll have to pay a lot of taxes/import duties.

    Thanks :P
  2. canada is you'll need to pay fees even it's "gift". doesn't matter where it's coming from. BUT if the item (not chanel) is made in Canada...then it should be no fee involved.
  3. thanks juneping! so if it's around $1600, what do you think i'll have to pay?
  4. ^^oh i don't know. i hope someone from canada will chime in. i know in the US it's about 10% NY state...and i think canada is more than that. my gut's around 30%??
  5. thanks for the help :smile:
    and yes if anyone from canada knows, please tell me!
  6. It's usually a $5 or $8 handling fee (depending on the shipping method the shipper used), plus tax (so GST or HST, depending which province you're in). Depending on where the item was made... if customs decide to open up your package and be anal about it, they will also charge 18% duty. It happened to me one time on a BCBG dress... I paid about $29 on a $90 dress... I was not happy but nothing I could do about it.
  7. Those are insane taxes!
  8. it's about my memory didn't play a trick on me. it's insane.
  9. Since it's coming from Japan, you will probably have to pay duty (about $60 on a $1000 bag) and also taxes, brokerage and disbursement. It could depend on what provence you are in... and also if you are using FedEx or some other guaranteed delivery system.
  10. Sigh I know. I just always hope that customs doesn't tack on the 18% duty on my shipments. I mean how many items we buy are from North America anyways, especially clothing!
  11. Oh this was shipped USPS!! Not even UPS or Fedex...
  12. Is it a vintage? I remember asking the customs officer about it and she said that if an item is vintage then you don't have to pay any duty. Can't remember how old the item has to be. Best to call their office.
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  13. thanks for all the info! :smile:
  14. Bumping up an old thread...Anyone in Canada has any recent experience on paying duty/tax on ebay items shipped from Japan? Please share it here, thanks!

    I called the Customs and they said usually it's 10.5% duty + local HST + handling fee (around $10 for Canada Post). So for BC we're looking at 22.5% of the cost of the item plus $10. For a 15 year old bag, sigh...
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  15. That sounds about right. And that is assuming Canadapost delivers it and it is not delivered by one of the couriers. The couriers charge a lot more for brokerage than $10.

    It doesn't matter where the item is shipped from. But if the item is manufactured in North America, NAFTA applies and there are no duties. Just taxes. From my experience, unless customs does an inspection or it is specified otherwise, most items coming into Canada from the US are treated as if they are manufactured in the US (even most of them aren't) and only the taxes are applied or even nothing if CRA decides not to bother. Items coming in from other countries are treated as if they were manufactured outside of North America (and probably most of them are) so they generally attract both duties and taxes.