customs tax

  1. if i buy a bal from luisaviaroma, how do you know how much your customs tax is and how do they notify you and how do you pay for it?

  2. I think it depends on what country you are from. I know for the Uk it is 17.5% (I think). I am new to the whole customs tax thing. What country are you from? I think they give you a bill when you receive your package from my understanding. I know the other ladies could help you out more.
  3. You should go to your country's (or state/provine) government's website. The types of customs duties and taxes are spelt out very clearly (at least for my country). LVR ships using FedEx, which will usually act as a broker on behalf of Customs and bill you for the customs duties and taxes. In some cases, you are required to go physically to the customs brokerage office to pay the duties/taxes before your bag would be released. It all depends on how your government works.
  4. Do you live in the U.S.?
  5. In Norway it's 24%..
  6. You wouldn't need to pay taxes if you buy from LVR, given Italy and Uk are both in the EU.
  7. In the US it's about 10%. Also, with LVR you will pay this to Fed Ex. They will send you a bill after you get your package (at least they did with me).
  8. Are you sure? I mean, you have to pay taxes on everything ordered outside your country, normally..:confused1:
  9. If you live in the EU you definitely WON'T have to pay any customs fees.
  10. :yes:

    but since norway isn't in the eu the norwegians do have to pay.
  11. but then that means that you can't deduct italian tax from the quoted price, is that right?
  12. thanks for all the help! i live in the US and if fedex just bills me that's great. i just don't want to be afraid of the bag being stuck somewhere and me not knowing what to do. everyone is so helpful on this site!:yes:
  13. But of course!
  14. Siriously?? We have to pay taxes because we're lonely, different and weird? Go Norway...:cursing:
  15. Switzerland isn't part of the EU either and they have to pay taxes on stuff from just across the border! And they aren't exactly lonely amidst the other EU countries.