Customs Tax? - International Shipment Into US From the UK

  1. Does anyone know the how customs taxes and duties are calculated?

    I can’t seem to find a calculator or chart or brackets anywhere. I called DHL and they said they don’t know anything about it and it’s at the government’s discretion.

    How does that even make sense? I understand under $800 there is no duty. In the past I paid $150 on a bag that costed $1500. I’m wondering how much duties I will pay on a $3000 bag from the U.K.
  2. From my experiences, it is at the government (employee) discretion to some extent, because some bags that cost 3K will never even be charged. They don't have time to check every inbound package, so many items go through completely without a tax/duty. If the employee has time, they might do extra checking. I've never been charged for a UK item, but I have for a Japanese item that was only $300, and it was about $68 on that item, and the UK item (no charge) was 2500. It's quite random. But they hold your package hostage until you pay. Some stores (like Selfridges) will pay a custom/duty tax on your behalf so you won't get any charges at all. And some sellers/companies will ship it as a gift or low value so the chances of a tax/duty are gone. I paid $68 on a bag that was $300 so I'm not sure why that happened - perhaps it also matters how the package is sent (post office versus a delivery service).
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. My duties ended up being $300 for my purchase. It just boggles my mind, how it's up to the agent to decided how much duty the person should pay and there isn't a set rate or percentage.

    I actually only order from SelfridgesUK and I have always had to pay duties. How have you had them pay for your duties?

  4. It's included at the price at checkout, that's how their online store works for non-EU purchases.
  5. Oh maybe for online but I have an SA in the store that I am in contact with and she takes off 16.66% for the VAT tax. If you want her information, I'll be happy to pass it along to you. They have so much in the store, I never look at their website. I usually find what I like here in the states, try it on and then message her with pictures and sizes. Anything less then $800.00 you do not pay duties.
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  6. that is very helpful... i will keep it in mind, thanks. i normally shop there during the holiday sales, and yes, just online.

    you might want to look here:

    if you find the category and download the spreadsheet it gives the percentages they should charge...
  7. I think my address must be flagged or something because I now always have to pay customs and state use tax whenever I get an international shipment. Just something to keep in mind!