Customs/Shipping to Different Countries

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  1. Hi all,
    A lot of people are always asking about shipping services and customs fees to different countries, so I thought it would be a nice idea to have an ongoing thread that could be used as a resource for this. No chatting, just information :yes:

    I'll start:
    Australia: We only get charged an import tax on items that cost over US$1000. Then, it's a 10% GST tax.

    The mail service is reliable and items usually turn up a day or two faster than the guaranteed date in my experience.

    Services available: we have access to Pyapal, international wire transfers, Western Union, Escrow and so on. BUT privacy laws mean that banks and financial institutions
    aren't allowed to release our billing address, even to reputable merchants like Paypal :nogood: This means no Australian can be Paypal confirmed even if they have added a credit card to their account.
  2. ^Good idea for a thread classicsgirl but just thought I would clarify the value is AUD $1000 not US $1000.

    From the Customs website:

    Imported goods with a value of more than A$1000
    Irrespective of how your imported goods arrive in Australia, you will be required to lodge a formal Customs import declaration if their value is above $1,000, and to pay the calculated duty and taxes.

    Then we pay:
    5% duty on the Customs value and;
    10% GST on Customs value + Postage + Insurance.
  3. ohhh is it? Someone told me it was 1000US, thanks for the clarification!
  4. This is actually very tricky to just list the criteria because there are so many variables to it. You need to consult the relevant countries customs website