Customs or Duty from HK?

  1. have any of you guys paid for customs or duty or tax for things purchased in HK?

    when i got my mc cles, i didn't pay but i don't know what will happen with the bigger purchases....
  2. all depends on the mood of customs. I have had things arrive with no duty and some with.
    Its kind of hit and miss.
  3. I think I've only spent about $10 in HKG so no... :p
  4. I got my Mizi sans customs! Shhhhhh:yahoo:
  5. Never have, and my purchases have been quite high $$$
  6. I thought you didn't get charged duty for HK purchases, we were there in Nov. and didn't have any issues, but I guess we didn't do any heavy duty shopping. I can't even remember having to fill out the form of what I bought though. I think you'd be ok.
  7. i get lots of stuff from HK, but they are mostly media items (cd/dvd/books/magazines)... i've never been charged customs. i think the highest value on one package i've gotten was about $300, and i still was not charged any fees.

    i'm sure it happens, especially on higher ticket items... but i don't hear about it as often.