customs is so STUPID!!!

  1. I bought a louis vuitton epi pochette from a PF member and it was shipped to me April 18th. It was coming from Canada to NY. First they held it at customs saying they needed a copy of my social security card. I don't have it with me so I had to go to the social security office and get a document confirming my social security number.
    Then they said they needed the manufacturers address. NOT the store it was bought at, but the address where the bags are manufactured. I called up louis vuitton and asked them, but they said even THEY don't have this information on file and never heard of customs asking for this.

    I called customs and told them I can give them the store it was bought at, but how can I possible supply them with the manufacturers address when it isn't available???! They're like "sorry but that is the information we need and if we don't have it by tomorrow (may 2) we will send it back to the shipper". I got so angry, since I have been dealing with their BS for the past ten days, that I lost control, yelled at them how stupid customs is and hung up (okay not the best way, but after 10 days of jumping through hoops and being patient I cant take anymore).

    Has anyone ever heard of this??? We are just going to have them ship it back to her . But in general, customs is being a real pain in the butt recently
  2. Wow, I can't believe that!! How was it being shipped to you, UPS, regular Mail, Fed Ex? I think UPS takes care of customs when they ship something. That's why I'm asking! Well, I hope you get your package eventually!
  3. It was sent from canada with purcolated (sp?) and its counterpart, DHL in the US. We decided to just have them send it back to her and send it with something else. So for all you canada/us shipping people, be careful with customs!
  4. Is it normal for customs to ask for your social security information? Seems very odd to me.

    I'm sorry for all your troubles, and hope that things work out soon for you!
  5. I try not to use courier, or purolater, etc to ship. These packages are more scuntinized by customs and they take more interest in what's inside the package because they assume if you're paying the extra $$ and express shipping, then it must be a super duper expensive item or one that's worth taxing, or one you want to get out of the country quick, etc.

    They're quite mean that way. That being said, it's always a risk with regular air mail, but if you purchase the corresponding insurance, it should arrive in a week, all the same.
  6. wow, as many issues as i have with my local post office, i have never had a problem with customs and international mail. i send and get stuff all the time..and i've never been asked for my ssn. something sounds wrong to me.
  7. I have no idea. I know that with another PF member, she was going to send me a LV... but it may ask for a tax number? I dont have a tax number.... weird
  8. That's also something weird. My parents send me stuff through DHL all the time, and we have never had any kind of problems or requirements with SSN or tax-number stuff
  9. tax numbers, as far as i know, only apply to non-citizen residents who pay taxes. people on work and student visas, etc. i could be wrong though.

  10. hi I just looked at your lj... sells fakes?
  11. ^ Oh I put it in the wrong list! Thanks for catching that.. Btw, PM me next time.. Its not really related to the thread..

    So a tax number is for noncitizens who have to pay taxes? Still dont get it lol. Oh well...
  12. frnc1z - totally unrelated, but is that paris hilton in your av?
  13. Yeah, it is :smile:
    Amoureux in made it :smile:
  14. :wacko: that does sound stressful, sorry to hear that. I have bought from or shipped stuff to other countries throught ebay and they never gave me any trouble. Maybe because after 911 they are more strict in NY? I would have screamed at them too!!! :mad:
  15. Well, customs is ALL over the place when it comes to packages.

    I purchased a $489 pair of earrings from the States, and had it shipped to a friend in the USA to ship to me. She wrote "magazine", and a declared value of $35 and "gift", no insurance purchased. Now you have to realize that whenever you're doing customs tax evasion, you're always taking a risk that it might get confiscated or lost. After a month and a half, I'd given up on it, and chalked it up to my bad luck.

    It arrived today, with several foreign stamps on it. Turns out it had been mistakenly sent to Jamaica, then bypassed thru customs with no problems, and reached me in perfect condition. No tax, no nothing.

    When I had my Spy bag shipped into me from states, the girl who custom purchased it for me also wrote "gift" , and "used handbag", declared value = $50. The less detail you give them (leather, designer brand, etc) the less likely they are to tax you or give you hassles at customs