customs if ship to New Zealand

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I m new on this site, could anyone kindly tell me that how much the customs will be if i buy a authentic Balenciage bag from USA? I m living in NZ.

  2. If you buy one from the Aloha Rag store in Hawaii you will not have to pay any customs at all, as they will lower the value on the shipping receipt for you. If you buy from BalNY or a US department store then you will have to pay customs. I'm in Australia and the customs price here depends on how much the bag costs. The higher the price of the bag, the higher the customs rate.

    I'd check on the web for NZ customs prices, but if you want to avoid custom fees altogether, either Aloha Rag or will be you best bet
  3. Fees are HUGE in Australia & NZ. I always complain about this on tPF. I sound like a broken record!!! 99% of the time I buy from a private seller in the US and am able to get the value reduced. If my usual supplier doesn't have the bag I am looking for and I have to get it from a department store in the US or BalNY, I always get slugged taxes. It's even worse when you receive the bag, pay the taxes and the leather is not up to scratch. The stores usually happily exchange it for you, but you never get your friggin taxes back!!! I actually had to pay taxes twice for one bag because I was able to find a suitable exchange. Bbags are a labour of $$$ and love for me...

    Anyway, back to the point...You will pay anywhere between NZD280 - 500 to import a larger Bbag that is valued at around USD1100. Generally any small item (like an accessory) are valued less than NZD500, you may get away tax free.

    ^I do agree with what Bern said above though...If you can get what you are looking for through or, ask them to undervalue for you and they usually do. You need to advise them of that when confirming your order and making payment. I have never really been able to use those companies before thoughbecause they don't have what I am looking for. Right now I am looking for a Marine City. Aloha Rag only have a Marine Matalasse and Diabro only have it in a First...Story of my life!

    Good luck...
  4. I looked up the Aus government website for import/export, and apparently, up to AUD$1000, what we import privately is tax-free.

    So in this case, even though AR only under-declare 1/4 of the original value, which comes out to be like $400 or something for a City, it'll be tax-free?

    bern, have you bought anything from AR? And you weren't taxed??
  5. Just want to chip in, when I bought my Calcaire Twiggy for US$950, I was charged by custom AUS$285..I was spewing! :censor:
  6. If you are able to get the seller to under declare the value of the bag, then you will not incur any customs...

    If it is declared to the full value... i.e. over NZD$1000 then you will need to pay 12.5% tax... a big bummer!
  7. Oh, my!!! That's terrible!!!:push:
    That's probably because USD$950 is more than AUD$ wasn't under-declared??

    Where did you get your Calcaire from??
  8. Tooshies: No I haven't paid any customs from AR. I'm waiting on a Violet City from them so hopefully I won't encounter any fees
    However, I get the feeling I'm about to pay Customs on a bag (not from AR), it was US$850 so it'll be touch and go.
    Aki: $285!! That sucks

  9. Tooshies, you are always a sweetie :smile:
    Thanks for the symphathy...

    I got my Calcaire from RDC...yes, US$950 is more than AUS$1000..
    and yes, it wasn't underclared though now I learnt from this experience...
  10. bern: Oh, good. That's great to know that you don't pay customs when you get a bag from AR!:yes: That's the reason why I decided to go with AR and wait for what I want to come in, instead of calling BalNY and get it right away.
    US$850? That's touchy.... Is that from BalNY or Barney's? They're not willing to under-declare, are they?

    aki: You're welcome, darling!:girlsigh: It really sucks that you had to pay that much....I'd have been steamed, if I had to pay that much for customs!!!!
    I hope you had your Le Magenta under-declared, when it was coming from RDC??
  11. Tooshies: The $850 bag is from Bluefly.. it's currently enjoying a round the world trip at the moment. Sigh...
  12. Holy Crapety, I'm so sorry!!! That's the Twiggy you bought, that ended up in Brazil, right!?

    I really hope you get her safe and sound soon....without any custom charges!!!!
  13. Tooshies: Yeah my LE Magenta was underdeclared :sneaky: by Corey *she is too kind to do this for me

    Bern: Thank you :biggrin: *cant wait to see your Violet city
  14. Yaaay!!!:yahoo::yahoo: Nice to hear that you don't have to pay up your nose this time!Phew!:tup: Corey is fantastic, isn't she??

    I'm counting days till you receive your looked pinkish than other Le Magentas on tPF, and it looks just jaw-dropping stunning!!!:drool:
  15. Thank you Tooshies :smile:
    Corey is just fantastic!
    I cant recommend her enuff'!!! :girlsigh:She is a darling!

    I have actually received my LE :biggrin:
    Perhaps Corey's piccies make it looks more pinkish however in real life she is a more purple...I can't really do a comparo with 05 Magenta since I don't have one but needleless to say, I :heart: her though I am really worried of using her after reading all the horrid stories with other LE Magentas :sweatdrop: