Customs from/to Italy

  1. Hi!
    I wonder if someone who is from Italy have ever buy a bag or anything like LV Chanel etc from abroad seller (Usa, Hong Kong etc) and have troubles with customs! thanks!
  2. hi Alice..i'm having a trouble these days!!!!

    i'm waiting for a Vuitton bag from a lovely pf'er..and the bag is stuck in customs in Milan!!!

    i'm soo angry!!!!

    i hate italian postal service..i'm afraid about custom fees...i'll let you know!
  3. I have trouble sending things to Germany and Italy as well... More with Germany though. You have to mark clearly it is a "GIFT" and best to gift wrap it.
  4. :push: YES!:sad: I stopped buying from abroad non european sellers because of custom taxes and issues...:cursing: :cursing:
    What's the problem Alice??:smile:
  5. xLAUx I suggest you to go on - abbigliamento, auto, cellulari, dvd, moto, tv, palmari e pc all'asta o a prezzo fisso and enter the community/forum. Then enter the forum about cloths etc and make a post. There are some experts and they will help you ;)
    Stefyp I was wondering because the reason I've never bought anything from let-trade is I'm afraid of customs, I read that "HK + gift" makes the custom think 100% it's a fake and that you are trying to avoid customs :sad:
  6. Gosh! My suggestion was automatically changed! I write the names in italian: enter the forum about abbigliamento in the community area of italian eBay.
  7. IMO declaring it as a gift only arouses suspicion as EVERYONE does that to try to circumvent fees. I've started describing things as repair returns.
  8. Germany charges two types of fees: duty and VAT. In our experience the only things that go without either are marked Gift with a value less than $29.00.

    Bags identified as being Made In Italy can have difficulties at Italian Customs.

    Every country has their own set of customs rules and duty rates. When we import bags from Italy into the U.S. the duty is 9% (plus fees.)
  9. I mailed a Chanel bag to Rome about a week and a half ago and it arrived there safely! Thank goodness! I was so worried! The postal employee informed me that Italian customs were very strict especially with leather goods entering the country. They said if it specifically states leather bag, goods, or anything leather (even shoes, belts) on the customs forms it would be confiscated. I got creative and descibed it as women's accessories. The postal worker agreed that it was a good description. Anyways it was not a leather bag but did not want to risk it being confiscated. Unfortunately the lady had to pay 211 Euro for customs for a $1000 (USD) item upon receipt.
  10. FYI: Its considered mail fraud if you mark something as a gift and its not, the post office has the right to open your package to check it out once its in their hands.
  11. thank you Alice!
    i think i have to pay 100 euros for a 500$ dollar bag:yucky:
  12. Lau, if I'm not wrong you have to pay IVA so a 20% (you have to add also the shipping costs, not only the value declared!!! :s) plus a 3% of customs...
    I'm going to buy only from Uk in the future and that's sad because there are so many great things from Usa and other countries :sad:
    BTW we have to thanks those idiots who imported tonns of fake nike shoes from China, if you read on italian eBay abbigliamento forum you'll see a lot of them sharing their experiences about goods "confiscati", querele etc
    Lau, is a sophie coming to you? I bet you are the one and only italian girl who has it!! ;)
  13. Yes, i'm waiting for my Sophie:crybaby:
    i cannot believe she's only 3 hours away from me..and i cannot do nothing!:hysteric:
    Do you think i should provide the original receipt or not?
    the original says 600$.. it's a lot of money..they would charge me 100/150 € of taxes:cursing:
    Can i provide another receipt with less money? do you think they would be suspicious?
  14. Girls.
    I purchase from non EU countries all the time, and I can describe my several types of experiences. First of all, as a general rule, if tha package comes with a marked value of less than 45 Euros, there are no customs fees, and the parcel arrives really quickly. For denim and such, I make an agreement with the seller that if the parcels get lost I ask to have the refund only for the value declared.

    For higher values, it all depends by the shipping method. Through postal systems, it seems that inspections and duties are random, i.e. they can spot and stop a parcel or not, their choice.

    If the item is marked as a gift, it means that in theory you still have to pay import duties, but not VAT. If the item is not marked as a gift and the value is over the said 45 Euros, you will have to pay import duties (the amount varies based on the nature of the goods) and VAT (also on the shipping cost).

    Finally, if the item comes from suspicious countries OR is a bag that is declared being of leather, the item might get stuck in the customs. Usually I am asked a) to send a fax describing the exact nature of the goods, b) to show a receipt of the original transaction (I send them the paypal page with the transaction ID or the Ebay checkout page) and c) a self-certification ('autocertificazione') declaring that the leather does not come from endangered species.

    Yes, the import duties are quite high, BUT: sometimes the deal is good even with all the extra duties. Like when I buy a Botkier on sale for 300 dollars instead of 600 Euros.

    Plus, the transit times in Italy are awful: calculate always twice the official transit times. Right nowI'm waiting for a parcel from the UK that comes with Airmail Signed For and it's taking more that 15 days :cursing:
  15. Ciao Fraublucher,
    i have my bag stuck in customs because they need the receipt..
    i'm still waiting for their long does it take to this letter to arrive??
    Did you ever provide a "fake" receipt? (it means that you or the seller changed the amount on the receipt)..
    How much do you think i'm gonna pay if the receipt says 600USD?
    Can i provide also a real Louis Vuitton receipt for this bag? (in this case the amount would be 400$)