Customs Fees related to LVR/NAP purchases in US

  1. Hey PFers,

    I am considering purchasing from NAP or LVR and am wondering about customs fees and additional charges beyond the stated purchase price.

    If anyone can enlighten me on the costs, shipping issues, etc I would be most grateful :yes:

    I live in CA (Bay Area- yowza it's been HOT here!!).
  2. I believe NAP add on customs duties for the US for you, at the checkout - on a DDP basis.

    They sell to some other countries on a DDU basis (which means that you have to pay any duties on receipt).

    I think all shipping is charged at the checkout, too (so there shouldn't be any hidden surprises!).

    Fairly obviously, as I live in the UK, I haven't had any personal experience of this; it's just what I've read on their site.

    BTW it's been boiling here for days, too, believe it or not!!! Up to 97 degrees F!!! :beach:

    I think I may be melting. :crybaby: :sos:
  3. Thanks :smile:

    What's DDP??

    I purchased a couple (Narciso Rodriquez- yum) tops from NAP several years ago and I remember being SHOCKED at the customs/duties charges. :wtf:

    97! WOWzers.

    I'll be looking forward to the fall temps for sure!!

    (and the fall Chloe colors!! I saw the just added several new Paddy shades to the collection!)

  4. when you purchaes from lvr you will receive a bill from fed ex for about 10% of the cost. it is still several hundred at least less than nap but it is more difficult to return to lvr because you have already paid the $70 shipping (unless your purchase is over 1000 euros) and you have to pay about $25.00 to ship back. i've bought 3 chloes from lvr and saved a bunch.
  5. I have ordered from NAP and live in the USA. EVERYTHING is included in what you pay when you check out. You will not get any additional bills and/or charges. Duties and shipping is included in the final price. Additionally, if you want to return to NAP you get free shipping on your return but duties will NOT be refunded. They have great customer service. I had a defective Chloe wallet that I ordered from them. Three months after purchasing it the lock was chipping really bad and they let me return it and refunded my money without giving me any trouble. If you are patient, I got an email from NAP that they will begin shipping out of the USA soon (no duties) but this will only be for the new season merchandise on their website. That was already supposed to have launched but the date got pushed back . . . If you would like the emails that I received from them regarding this PM me.
  6. Hi hmwe46, don't know about LVR, but NAP is real easy! All Duties & Shipping Fees are included in the Final Price - no fuss, no muss! They have excellent customer service as well! Oh yeah, it was 100 Degree here yesterday, it must have set a record! :amazed:
  7. I live in the valley in LA and it was 109!!!! one hundred and NINE. It was like it wasnt real. like you were standing behind a trucks exhaust blowing hot air at your face. insane. Anyway i ordered from LVR and i have yet " crosses fingers" to get a bill for is my greatest dream they forget to bill me :smile:
  8. Thanks to all for the great tips on NAP and LVR!!:drinks:

    BTW: 113 here in the Bay Area over the weekend, no end in sight, and my fridge just quit on me!! My guy wants to know if I am still looking for that jeaune paddy now. OF COURSE!! :upsidedown:

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