Customs fee/import tax

  1. I just received my Epi Speedy 30 and I totally love it! What I didn't love was the $100 customs fee I had to pay!! The item was sent from Japan. I was so unaware about this. I purchased my Damier Trousse from eBay and the item was shipped from the UK and I didn't have to pay for anything.

    I'm just confused. The seller had some information regarding an import tax which is the buyer's responsibility and unfortunately, I was unfamiliar with what was "import tax."

    Any comments or similar situation???

  2. This is bound to happen. There are times when you're lucky and customs doesnt hit your for this fee and there are other times you just get hammered with it.

    IT has nothing to do with the selling and everything to do with the government!
    The seller has no control over whether you'll be charge or not, let along when you will be charged.
  3. Just like today, I get a canvas bag in the mail. Insured for 100$ CND and get charge 20$ at the door.:wtf:

    I have had 2 bags arrive from Hong kong for over 400$ US each and been charged nothing...
  4. I think you should always ask the seller to send it to you as a gift or personal effects so that they won't charge you custom taxes. Sorry to hear about the $100.
  5. ^^ doesnt matter. You can still be charged!

    Also many people wont do that as its illegal (fraud)
  6. Anything valued at more than $60 coming into Canada is subject to duty, whether marked 'gift' or not.
  7. Except that it's illegal to lie on a government document. I won't do it, and neither will most sellers.
  8. If they shipped by EMS typically there are no US customs problems...which may have been the case with the Hong Kong shipment that had no issues. I bought a $1200 item from Singapore and the seller advised me to use EMS to avoid customs issues but I did not like the fact that EMS only insured up to $400 I think. I wanted it insured for full value. So the only option was FedEx which the seller warned me often gets subjected to customs review. I didn't ask but seller marked it as a gift anyway and I was told there is a dollar amount limit on gifts and mine exceeded it. So I got a $100 import charge for shipping from Singapore to US. This was the first time I experienced this also buying int'l items.
  9. It's the luck of the draw with cutsoms. I'v bought bags from the UK and France and not been charged customs. I bought a wallet from Germany and got hammered with customs and had to fill out some Department of Homeland Security Form. Germany must be on their bad boy list. :rolleyes:
  10. BlkLadyLaw: The bag I purchased was also EMS. I'm going to think twice before purchasing overseas. The cost of the bag plus the customs fee was still a bargain of price.

    compulsivepurse: There was some sort of Department of Homeland Security sticker/label on the box. Luckily I didn't have to fill out anything.
  11. I had to fill out a Dept. of Homeland Security form also. I guess I am now registered as an importer or something. You have to provide your social security number on it. I had to fax this back to DHS before they would release my item for delivery.