Customs Duties Websites Links from various countries postal services.

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  1. Customs duty is always a topic of interest on the forum.

    This page has links to customs duty sites in various countries. I got these by going to each country's main postal site and searching for internet shopping or customs duty. Please add your country's details if they are not here. Sorry I wasn't able to find all of them with limited time.

    USA Customs Office
    UK Parcelforce
    UK Royal Mail
    UK people you have two because your two national carriers charge differently. Both have handling fees as well as duties.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Great thread. Questions about customs come up all the time. This thread is sticky-worthy.
  4. Thanks for this! I would love to see country-specific threads of everyone's shopping experiences ordering online, even, just to get an idea.
  5. Thanks shinymagpie! This is very useful info!
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    This is great information but also be careful about extremely outrageous and high courier Brokerage Service Fees.

    I recently order from ASOS (UK) twice and selected/paid for standard shipping (postal service) both times but for the order that was a little over $200 they mailed it using DPD/UPS express courier. The UPS brokerage fees was around $80. Of course I refused the delivery/package. I believe this to be a scam and ripoff since most companies probably do not have to pay for International courier service to the US if the total price is above $200 which is the minimum level where UPS and other courier companies can/do charge these brokerage fees.

    You can still order over $200 but just make sure the eBay Seller or Company DOES NOT use courier/express service.

    U.S. Customs Brokerage Service Fees by UPS:
  7. Thanks shinymagpie as it's really useful. :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone for reading and posting your links.:biggrin: We need more countries on this list!
  9. This is a great resource for what the cost is to import something into Canada. The government website can be a PITA to navigate, this makes it really simple to get a very good idea on what your final cost will be.

    You may not need to count the conversion, brokerage and disbursement charges - it depends on how it gets delivered. I normally subtract these amounts for the final cost.
  10. How can we figure out the pricing though? US website doesn't give any pricing.
  11. ^What they charge can vary depending on where the item is coming from and what materials it is made of. Generally luxury items are charged near the top end of the max percentage your country charges but it varies so there is no way to find out the "set price" as customs has to determine that when they inspect your package. They will also look at the value that the sellers marks on the package and they often use this as a base to determine what to some cases if it is marked really low then they may charge extra duties based on what they feel the package is valued at. Just be sure that the seller does not include any PP receipt, original receipt or price tag with the item. If customs chooses to open the box and see these things then they will charged you based on that amount.