Customs clearance? Can any ladies help?

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  1. Hey ladies, my beautiful coral Sutton was sent from the US using USPS 11 days ago. My tracking has been at a stand still for 5 days now since it arrived in the UK it just says 'customs clearance'. I know the seller didn't use eBays global shipping programe where import duties are paid on auction end and half expected it to get stopped etc. I just want to know what happens next? Will it just turn up? Will they write me a letter? I just want my coral bag

    Any help would be appreciated, have contacted the seller twice now to no avail and I don't have any contact details for where it's being held.

    Suz x
  2. Oh no :sad: that's so frustrating! Have you tried contacting UPS in the UK?

    Customs clearance can take a little while. I work in logistics and our products do sometimes get stopped for a few days.

    Coral Sutton isn't a cites product so its probably something some like import fees? xx
  3. I guess I'm just going to have to wait it out arnt I, so long as it's here before winter it really would have cheered me up last week so I'm hoping by the end of this next week I may have more info or either the bag.

    Thanks for helping x
  4. I didn't really help much... Will you give them a call tomorrow? I would, see what the hold up is, bet its something simple. At least its not Alligator or Lizard! Customs loves to confiscate and destroy those if they don't have the right paperwork! Let us know how you get on. Wish the weather would warm up, its freezing down here! How is it up north? xx
  5. The seller got back to me and screen shotted what the tracking says on her end which was a little more detailed than mine. It simply just says being processed through customs. If I haven't seen any movement by Wednesday then il start enquiring.

    We had the most lovely day in the Lake District today with some friends and all our little ones. They played in the lake and we sat in the sun and watched, my face actually feels a little sun burned tonight lol darn pale skin haha xx
  6. It sounds like coral Sutton will get released really soon! How exciting. Bet you can't wait to use her. Sounds like you had a lush weekend! They always go too quickly. Its :rain: here this morning *sigh*....
  7. It's grey here today too, I'm on two weeks annual leave as my eldest (7) is on his school holidays so I'm hoping the weather cheers up for his sake. Really do hope the bag is here soon, as soon as I got my coral Selma I regretted not buying a bigger bag that I could use for times when I don't want to take a baby change bag as well. Basically I just can't wait haha x
  8. Argh I'm so annoyed! I ended up calling parcel force who confirmed customs still has my bag and it hasn't been released to them for delivery. The guy said its looking like a charge is going to be applied which I half expected but said legally they can hold it for 30 days! I wish I'd bought it off another seller now, they had the option to use the global shipping programme and I would of had my bag by now. It better be worth all this! I'm just telling myself it will still be a bargain compared to UK department store prices. On the net it seems parcel force charge admin fees for the letters so that's another cost on top. I'm so fed up and annoyed now
  9. I am sorry you are having to wait so long but the global shipping option is also a disaster. I have been waiting 12 days for an item from the US that was well below the duty threshold and it has been stuck in the UK with 13ten (apparently it is also citipost) for 5 days now. I have read reviews of 13ten and apparently they 'loose' items regularly and tell you to contact the seller to send another one!!! It is not the sellers responsibility. With the GSP once it is delivered to the US shipping centre it is ebay's problem. Madness!

    On a side note, that Greenwhich wallet you liked is now on sale for £104 in House of Fraser.
  10. Oh isn't it horrible waiting for stuff, I must have been lucky in the past as always used the GSP and never had a problem :-/

    Haha don't tell me that I have spent enough lol gonna have to sell a kidney at this rate
  11. Lol! Ughhh the waiting! It will really be super special when you get it. Hope you get soon!
  12. I really hope so Nan, it really is my dream grab bag, love my new black Sutton too but the coral just has me like
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460618012.774320.jpg

    Woo hoo.... Movement, guess now I have to wait for the charges letter
  14. Too exciting!:woohoo:

    Suspense must be killing you! Can't wait to see your reveal when she finally arrives.
  15. It really is, this style just fits my needs all in one. As much as I love my black it's this one I'm coveting. Will still probably be next week now, but any movement is better than none :smile: