customs and shipping question....please readon


Oct 15, 2006
I just got my 1st every bbag. I bought it from Balenciaga NYC and they mailed it to my home in WI. I am currently living in london though. my friend was supposed to be coming to visit me tomorrow and bringing it with but her passport didnt arrive in time so she cant come anymore...

MY question is. My mom wants to ship me the bag and get shipping insurance on it but i dont want to get stuck having to pay customs on it. How does this work?? ALL you answers will be very helpful as i am dying not having my bag that i have wanted for 4 years!!
Apr 17, 2006
The way it normally works is, the value it is insured for is the value put on the customs form, so it could work out to be expensive. Whenever I buy from overseas, I always ask if the seller is willing to send it with a trackable service and then declare the value of the parcel as low and marked as a gift! Hope this helps! Look forward to seeing your BBag!!:graucho:
Apr 7, 2007
I do the same. Get it marked as a gift and a $50 value. If they insure it for the full value then you are looking at over £100 in customs. Trust me, been there done that. More than once. :Push:
Aug 2, 2006
HI, I always have my international packages(bags) marked on customs as a gift and with at least $300 ins just so they will be more careful with it, so I think :smile: I would have her ship it with a really good, fast postal service, I would rather pay a little more for shipping than to take a chance. CONGRATS on your bag, let us know when it arrives :yahoo:


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Nov 4, 2006
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However please bear in mind, if the Custom happens to be a high end chick or follower :Push:that understands the approximately the true value of the item, it might get confiscated if you declare it too low...:sad:


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Feb 17, 2007
san francisco
rough... i feel your pain. you will likely rouse suspicion if you try to insure the bag for the full value (ie insurance for $1000) and then declare on the customs form far less than that (i.e. $50). i've never done this, postal workers would most likely figure out what's going on.

IMO, i would undervalue, but not by an insane amount (i.e. you could say $300) so that in the off chance the package gets lost or damaged you can still recoup some of your money. plus, you might get lucky...a customs agent might just look over your bag , ask you where it's from, you could say it's a gift from your mom, and they might let you go without charging you.
this was the case with my most recent bag purchase. fortunately bbags don't scream 'luxury'
so they're likely to be passed off by a customs agent as something cheaper, unless you get a very fashionable customs person...heh :0

good luck, whatever you decide to do!