Customs and duties for bags bought from UK - Belen Echandia

  1. Hi. To those who wondered if we were charged duties when we ordered bags from the UK (Belen Echandia): YES. I got a bill yesterday from DHL for $89.

    I should have asked around from other tpf'ers if they were charged, but oh well. Expensive lesson learned.

    With the $50 shipping plus $88 duties, I could have bought the bag here in SF.
  2. I bought mine during the sale, and so probably still paid less than if I'd been able to even find the bag I wanted here in LA.
  3. Same here - bought during the sale.
    I found a boutique that carries it for about $620.

    PSEUB - did you get the customs bill from DHL?
  4. Yes, $40.
  5. Thanks for letting us know. How long did it take between the delivery and receiving the bill? In the future I may limit my BE purchases to U.S. stores, even though that limits the styles and colors.
  6. I don't understand why my bill was so much higher. geez. Anyway, citychris: the sale was mid June, which is when I ordered the bag. The shipment arrived promptly. The bill, however, arrived a little over a month. That was a surprise to me. I remember some other members bought from the UK, but they never mentioned anything about the customs. I like your idea - if you are in the LA area, there are some boutiques that has the line. If you want to find out more, email belen echandia directly.
  7. Thanks, I've been in touch with Muse Ten and have pre-ordered a bag there.
  8. I couldn't help it, so I emailed Jackie of BE. She called DHL and found out they made a mistake on the tariff.
    DHL still has to get back to me. It should have been about 8% of the purchase price, but somehow I was charged 20%.

    I have to say, Jackie is awesome - she's so helpful and is truly a gem to work with.
  9. Yeah, they charged me 20% too. I've already paid it, so don't know if anything can be done at this point, but at least I'll know for next time.
  10. What???!!! So will DHL be mailing me a bill? And where do they mail it to? The delivery address?

  11. Hi. Jackie says it is hit or miss. She had customers in the US that never got a customs bill. Yet, here I am. I was overcharged. :sad:

    The DHL customs bill will be mailed to your delivery address.