Customizing.. should I do it?

  1. I've been thinking a while now about getting my Desk Agenda and Pocket Agenda heatstamped with my initials. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ahead and do them.

    the only thing I'm a lil iffy on doing, if they can even do it, is getting my desk agenda painted with some stripes along the front & back. i love my desk agenda and would love for it to be even more unique than the others!

    if i can/am gonna do it, it would be blue and tan striping. i adore that color combo.

    what do you guys think? should I? or should I just stick with the heatstamping?

    btw, the heatstamp painting color in the desk agenda would be blue as well. the damier pocket agenda would be gold.
  2. Do it!!! I love the blue/tan! :heart: :heart:
  3. i wouldn't personally. especially if it's monogram. too much going on in a rather small piece. but i kinda like the idea of the blue and tan stripes... very smart. if you really want it personalized, i'd have it done on the inside. but that's just my preference.
  4. I love the heat stamping! I just bought a small ring agenda and plan on getting that and all my other small items stamped in the inside on the leather.

    Looked like the upcoming Groom collection had agendas -- maybe wait for one of those for the stripes and the cute little guy on it?? I'm going to hopefully buy a piece for my nephew's college graduation next spring -- and one piece for me! I love them!
  5. Well Jimmy, you know I'm against it :lol: because I tend to buy and sell - so customizing something really lowers the resale value of a bag. I was CONVINCED I was keeping my deauville - and I bought it at the 5th ave store, where they customize on the site, and when they offered to do my luggage tag I said "YES!!!" - but Steve (bf) looked at me as if I had two heads and said "Babe - one day you will sell this when you bore of it" - and he was right. Thank GOD I didn't stamp it!
  6. yeah, do it! i had my manhattan gm heatstamped and love it. it's so personal :heart:
  7. I Say Do It.....It's Sounds Fabulous.

    The Question Is Do You Want To Eventually Sell?

    .....I Have Never Sold Any Pieces & Don't Attend To ~ But That's Just Me. I Think It's Great That Others Do It.
  8. If you don't have any plans on selling, and these are pieces you love and adore and want to keep for ever, DO IT!! I had no doubts of the use I'd have for my antigua which is why I'm absolutely satisfied and happy that i heat stamped the tag.

    I would definitely do it...I want the desk agenda like crazy, but they don't have it in stores, and haven't bought it on elux because i'd like to see the inside.
  9. ^^ Ditto, if you plan to keep it....go for it. Heatstamping is beautiful!
  10. yay heatstamping!! i actually want a wallet just so i can heatstamp the inside. (and because the framboise vernis is pretty, but that's another thread) hehe.

    i think the stripes sound super classy and original. great idea.
  11. ya keeping it for sure. i use it every day, i seriously don't know what i would do if i didn't have my agenda with me. haha. like the ipod or cellphone!

    and deluxeduck, it's actually a lot bigger than the regular agendas. it's about the same size as the scrapbook diary.
  12. I think it would be a nice touch to something you use often. It would be special
  13. i'm going to say YES to heatstamp your Desk Agenda and Pocket Agenda i think it adds a great personal touch to your LV collection.
  14. Yes do it!!
  15. I think it's a faaaabulous idea! :cool:

    And you better post pics after you get it done! :yes: