Customizing shoes

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  1. :shrugs: I have heard of people getting their shoes customized. For example, I know someone who had the calf part of the boot (I think it's called the gussett expanded because her calf was big). Can the reverse be done where the calf are is made smaller. I did not ask the person where she got the boot work done. Has anyone had any shoe customizations done. Can you do a special order for a shoe?
  2. yeah you can have the calf made smaller to fit your calf exactly- it can be done by a professional cobbler. I've had a pair of boots fitted before, it was relatively easy, quick and inexpensive. cost me about $55 to have them altered
  3. Thanks.
  4. I've had boots custom made for me. The first pair was from Germany and they came out awesome!! I love the fit! Unfortunately for me, they're strictly wholesale now. :crybaby:

    I had a second pair made by a company in Spain and they didn't come out quite as I hoped. I was really disappointed and never ordered from them again (their customer service was lacking.)

    I'm still on the hunt for complete custom shoes & boots. (I'm a size 12 and I have a relatively small shaft circumference for a size 12.)

    There's an Italian company that does custom work:

    I haven't tried having one of the "custom" boots/shoes made yet. I did order 2 pairs of "In Stock" boots, but had to return them b/c the shaft was too big.
  5. I will look check out the site. Thanks.
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