Customizing Chanel hardware

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  1. #1 Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
    Happy Saturday all!

    I am currently in a major quandary and am hoping for your opinions. I have a So Black chevron mini (image from Fashionphile) that I absolutely love, but the shiny black hardware makes me paranoid. I have seen some horrible chipping on others and have already gotten one tiny scratch on my chain...

    Anyway, I know a bag repair shop that specializes in Chanel and has been cleaning/polishing/restoring my bags for years. I recently took my mini there to ask about the scratch. While we were talking about the fragile So Black hardware, I commented how I wished they would bring back the matte black hardware from 2013, and my RA made this suggestion: why not mattify the existing hardware? Apparently they have been customizing hardware for years.

    I was dubious at first but have not been able to stop drooling over the idea of a matte So Black mini (I prefer both the look and endurance of matte hw). My problem is not with the shop, whom as I said I trust completely, but rather with whether I would be making a huge mistake customizing a Chanel. The idea of owning a bag that exists nowhere else is both intimidating and exhilarating.

    What do you think? Should I do it?
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  2. most women say they will keep a bag forever, but most rarely do. think about what happens down the line a few years when the bag becomes tiresome (to you) and you need to resell. a place like fashionphile, or yoogi's, or etc. won't take items that have been altered, and your chances of reselling the bag yourself for what it's worth will be dismal. you'll take a big hit when you want to sell it off. i have seen many girls - especially in the LV forum - customize their bags, and i have done it too (with a chain on a chanel), but i can't unload that bag and the change you made often becomes something you stare at in misery rather than happiness. from my experience. i would say don't unless you own a lot of Chanel and this is 'just another bag' to you. imo
  3. The only problem i anticipate is ... what happens when you decide to resell it? If you dont plan on ever reselling it then you should be fine. Goodluck and btw i have the exact bag :smile:, so i definitely know where you coming from!

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  4. If you won't use the bag as it is for fear of damaging it then either selling it or customising it seem the best options.

    I would buy a bag that had been customised if there was full documentation on what had been done etc. You might expect for it to be worth a little less but it depends on your personal situation and whether you buy Chanel for investment or enjoyment. I love the idea of customising/restoring bags but I would be scared to find someone who would do a good job - if you've already found someone that you are happy with that takes that out of the equation :smile:

    Like I said getting full documentation of what you have done would probably be a good idea if you decide to go ahead. Good luck and let us know what you decide - if you go ahead I would love to see the result :smile:
  5. Thank you for your responses!

    Reselling isn't of much concern to me. I have only ever given bags to friends and family and usually stick a long time to my choices.

    I am more worried about the look afterwards...I know I will love it but what if it looks unauthentic?
  6. If you don't mind me asking, how did you customize your Chanel chain?
  7. Personally I wouldn't do it because when I asked Chanel about shortening a chain they said that they wouldn't and if I had it done elsewhere they would deem it non original and no longer repair it. I also heard about someone trying to sell an altered Chanel on eBay that was made to remove a listing because the bag had been altered and was therefore deemed as 'fake'.
    I don't know how old your bag is but if you ever need the stitching for instance repaired then Chanel won't touch it if you've altered it and selling it could be almost impossible down the line.
    Just my opinion but I would use it and then if I were concerned about scratches take it back to Chanel for repair!
  8. i am tall - 5'10 - so i like longer straps for crossbody. i removed the chain on a 30 year old vintage mini that had only a 17" drop and i substituted it with a plain leather strap, no chain, with a longer drop. they just removed the chain basically, which was easy b/c on this model the chain was attached to the far outer edge. i tried to sell it/consign afterwards it to no avail, so i ended up sending it to my mom a few years ago and now it's her daily mini. i'd alter an old item again but never a new(er) one.
  9. That's a question I have in mind too! Would a bag customized that way still be eligible to get authenticated by the renowned authenticators or would they refuse to do so? :/ that's a problem!
  10. Welp, you are voicing my fears. I would hate if customizing my bag suddenly rendered it "fake" even if I didn't need to repair or sell it.

    Exactly! I definitely do not want my bag to lose its official authenticity just for something like this :nogood:
  11. I see, sorry to hear that. I understand where they're coming from, but I am a little peeved that Chanel would refuse to do something simple like shortening/lengthening straps themselves. Not much different than shortening a bracelet, and yet here we are.
  12. I think perhaps the only time worth it to customize something is if you buy a vintage Chanel to restore and customize it for fun!
  13. Humble opinion: Mattifying' the existing hardware will not change the underlying hardware, which is silverish. A coat will remain as a coat, and may peel or chip off to reveal the underlying metal. I have a so black chevron too, and while the metal is blackish in colour still (touchwood), I do spot a chip at the turnlock. It may be due to my storage or usage, but I try not to let it bother me too much and use the bag come rain or shine. It is a beautiful bag even with chips, hardware discolouration and all. I am mentally prepared to go Chanel to get it fixed in the future.

  14. +1

    I agree with others that it might mess up the authenticity/the originality of the bag.
  15. This is true, although I am not sure of the exact process my shop would use to mattify it. Either way, you are right about the possibility of fixing the original at Chanel.

    I think you ladies are right. Thank you all for your opinions!
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