Customizing a LV?

  1. I know a lot of you will put charms on your Louis Vuitton bags. But would you ever do anything permanent to it to customize?

    Like would you ever paint a motif onto them? Or write your name on one?
  2. Never...ever...I don't even really like the charms or cles's on them. I like them simple, looks more classic to me. ;)
  3. No heat stamping for me. I do like tying a scarf or dangling charms off the hardware.
  4. now way, not for me. Might put a charm or scraf but thats it.
  5. No, I would never do that. I will only add scarves or charmes to it. Nothing permanent.
  6. I would heat stamp. Also after seeing the wonderful posts of LVs with scarfs on I think I would do that for fun. In general, I like my bags simple and classic....on their own w/o 'decor'.
  7. I would do a charm or a scarf, but that's about it.
  8. Charms and scarves work for me, but I would be way too afraid to permanently customize a bag!!
  9. My friend actually had a crown and his initials painted on his alzer :smile: nice and all but totally not for me
  10. No
  11. I like the heat stamping - it's subtle. I am not really about decorating my bags. I think the whole "LV" thing draws enough attention.
  12. No way..I like my "decorations" to be removeable. Just like when the whole swarovski encrusted phones and ipods were popular, I LOVED the look but I'd never have done it myself. I would have gotten sick of it too quick and wanted them taken off.
  13. I'm considering getting a mono speedy 40 painted with stripes and my initials. I saw an SA get her 30 done and it was neat.
  14. I, myself would never paint on my bag but I would/will have it done through LV. I am thinking about it now actually and will probably do it when I have extra time to figure out what I want!
  15. :supacool: , what would you do crystal?

    i had never considered it, but would bc i like my bags to be unique....