Customized rubber coaster 99 cents shipped

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  1. Here's another one from ArtsCow - choose the square or the round rubber coaster for 99 cents each, with free shipping. Use code 99COASTER. Not sure when it expires - the dog tag one has expired and isn't working anymore.
  2. Cool! How 'bout these....:graucho:
    4-24765107-0-1-0.jpg 4-24765591-0-1-0.jpg 4-24765914-0-1-0.jpg 4-24765366-0-1-0.jpg
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    cute! I started doing some photography and made this one
  4. what a cute idea! just ordered some with pics of my little boy.
  5. cool! thanks..
  6. Heres a few cute ones I made playing around with it.
    xgucci.jpg xgucci2.jpg
  7. Wow, these are awesome - thanks for sharing
  8. Just placed my order... took Britt_ash's inspiration and used car logos for my BF, designers for myself. :tup:
  9. Im such a sucker for a buck deals,
    I made and ordered this one today;
  10. Expired now:sad:
  11. I take that it's working! Sorry:shame:
  12. I just spent about and hour and a half and made over 30 of these with various family photos to give to my sisters for birthday gifts, etc. They are so cute and what a neat, original, (and inexpensive) gift!
    It was easy and fun to do.
    I can't wait to get them!
    Thanks so much for posting this!
  13. Thanks! This was fun. I need new coasters and it's so much fun to make your own! I made a set of four different subway maps from my favorite cities to remind me of them (NYC, SF, London, Paris).
  14. Thank you, what a great deal and kool site!:tup:
  15. This site is awesome! If you sign up you get all kinds of free stuff, you just have to pay shipping.