Customized Purseket

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  1. Pockets for your purse!

    I decided to try to make my own since it looked simple enough. Making it took about an hour since I had to sit for awhile to go through all the steps in my head :idea: I got the idea off a tutorial I saw online. In the end, it worked out perfectly :smile:

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  2. oh pretty mee4!!! LOVE IT!!

    Could you PM me or post up the link to the online tutorial - or could you go through the steps, etc? If you don't mind sharing?

    I've been meaning to get a purseket, but with shipping it becomes so darn expensive! I'd love to just make it myself too. TIA!!
  3. i want to make one too....
    can you post the tutorial link?
  4. oh me too! I so would love to make one over the holidays.
  5. I just love people who do things like this, they're creative, resourceful, talented, exacting, caring, and above all, CUTE AS HELL!!!! LOVE!:love:
  6. Very creative! BTW.. I have the same Hello Kitty lead pencil. :roflmfao: :yes:
  7. Strange Idiotic Question coming....

    Do you need a sewing machine for this?

    I'm not really a sew-er.
  8. omg! it looks greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!
  9. wow...but where am I gonna find a sewing machine?? And I really like your contrast in fabrics and the lil' pockets for pens!!
  10. juicy couture jen - I :heart: Hello Kitty pencils. I dont think I will ever grow out of it!

    elongreach - I did use a sewing machine because it is faster. You can also hand sew it but it would take awhile and for me, it would probably end up crooked. As you can see, one side is already longer than the other :shame:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!! :smile:
  11. I am delighted that someone else thought of this! I bought a purseket a few months ago just to see how they were made, so that I could make my own. I have tons of really beautiful fabric (I make quilts) and thought it would be cool to customize, especially since I don't really care for the fabric selections at
  12. ^^ I would love to see some of your quilts! Did you get any idea how else to make it?? The flaps on the pursekets got me stuck so I just made it with out it.
  13. Here are directions of what I did on mines (I hope they make sense!):

    Making a 24” x 6” Purseket.
    Have 2 pieces of fabric: 1 pattern and 1 thicker material.

    1. Cut both to 25” x 11”. You need this extra inch for sewing purposes.

    2. Turn the pattern fabric upside down so it is facing the thicker material, and then sew around the edges leaving about 4” unsown (top center is easiest). You need this opening to flip it right-side out so the pattern side is up.

    3. After it had been flipped and the pattern side is right side up and facing you, iron it so it will be flat and smooth.

    4. Fold the material 4” from the bottom to make the pockets, leaving 2” on top.

    5. In this step you will sew the 4” unsown part from step 2. Sew along the edge of the sides and top leaving the bottom unsown.

    6. Have whatever you would like to put in for measurements, and sew straight down creating pockets. I did it twice side by side to make it look better and to make it more sturdy.

    Have fun!
  14. Well...I haven't actually made one yet, because the purseket that I got is all stiff and I am undecided about if I like the stiffness or not, plus in order to see what is used for the stiffness I would have to take it apart and let's face it, I am lazy. But the one you made doesn't look stiff at all! How does it perform IRL without stiffness? I guess putting stuff in the little pockets would keep it from being too floppy (duh).

    If I can ever find the charger for my new digi camera I would be delighted to take pics of some of my quilts for you. The battery went dead a few days ago and I have no idea where that $%#@!! charger is.