Customized Dog Tag (for humans) - $0.99 shipped

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  1. $0.99 for single side, and $1.99 for two sides...shipped!
    Use coupon code 99TAGS to get discount
  2. Thanks!!!
  3. Wow, Thanks! I got the heart tag necklace with my kittycat's picture for .99 shipped!
  4. Thanks, as an artist this is a great resource. I'd never heard of them before!
  5. Ordered the heart one with my cat, so cute! and only a buck!
  6. when does it expire?
  7. Thanks!! Free shipping too, couldn't believe it.
  8. You can order numerous at once and still 99cent each! Can't wait to get it, to see the quality.
  9. Yeah, does anyone know the expiration date for this offer? I want to wait a couple of days before I order.
  10. oh this is great! thanks for posting :smile:
  11. So cute!
  12. awesome deal, thanks
  13. I ordered the two sided tag with a pic of me and my bf and a pic of my dog on the other side! only $1.99 total, including shipping, great thanks!!!
  14. Thanks Britt!
    I just ordered 5 w/ pictures from my brother's wedding for total $4.95. Mom will be happy to receive them :biggrin:
  15. Thanks, Ordered 2 one of my dog and one of me to hang on my BF wall lol