Customized bags

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    If you've been around here for a while, you may know that @Vlad and I love a good April Fools' Day joke that we try to pull off yearly. Many times, our members forget and we get them, one time making everyone turn into Vlad, another year with a garishly awful new design, and another year no matter what button you pressed we alerted you that you requested your account terminated. It's always brought us such joy to have fun with you all, especially when we try to pull off a forum wide joke one day a year.

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  1. happen to see these customized bags in Hong Kong. Yay or nay?

    Some customized bags i saw in ig are beautiful but I pity these few

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  2. :sick: JMHO!
  3. :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
    I think the title should be Ruined Bags....
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  4. Not a fan :shocked: but I guess there is a market for everything. I think the first kelly is erroneously described as yellow box leather. That doesn’t look anything like box.
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  5. Not for me.
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  6. These are not my taste but a TPFer posted a VN birkin that had been painted with henna or to look like henna and that one I thought was beautiful.
  7. I think it takes a particular type of person plus a strong connection to the artwork. I love my leather/skin types so it wouldn't be for me.

    I can see either an H design or a commissioned, customised design working better.

    That K's not Box leather either (as stated on notice)
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  8. It's not for me but I could see how someone would find these attractive.
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  9. Hell no!
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  10. A number of years ago I remembering seeing an artist take very beat up vintage bags (particularly the kellys)
    & do artwork not in this caliber but interesting & still having full use of the bag with disclosed distress areas
    that probably could not be spa'd any longer
    These are not for me but rather distinctive for the right person.
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  11. #11 Nov 3, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
    I had an artist paint a jige for me as a commissioned work. It returned out great and fun... something unique that I loved. I wasn’t using the jige prior to it being painted.

    Art is subjective and none of these appeal to me.

    editing—- i didn’t see the last bag — the bandana inspired B looks pretty good. I could go for that.
  12. The bags posted above are not to my taste, there is probably someone out there who can rock them. IMO the Rouge H one is the best of the bunch. I’m the woman with the VN Henna bag. The artwork and design were VERY carefully considered prior to embarking on the project. It’s one of my favorite bags. And I have a line up of people who would love to buy the bag from me if I ever tire of it.
    Here’s mine. 5F1CE2C9-E9C4-40C1-9FCA-7D2F92290A73.jpeg 9D764DCC-E0EF-47AD-AFDA-0FF395EAD879.jpeg 7D782649-A0B0-4A2D-B6FA-EBED82CB3CE2.jpeg
  13. YESSSS!!!! This is the one I remembered! I would like to be on that list too! I think this is too cool. Do you use it often or is more for staring at?
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  14. WOW. Stunning. Truly a work of art!!
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  15. I have a great collection of bags, so no single bag gets a lot of use, but it does make my heart skip every time I open the closet. I save her for special occasions.
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