Customize: Blasphemy or Haute?

  1. Thinking of buying a used/damaged birkin and having it customized by an artist friend. Good idea or bad? Opinions appreciated.
  2. that is do know that once you alter it they will never service it again, refurbishing, right?
  3. How much are you thinking about spending on the bag?
  4. I say go for it! I love the idea.
  5. Hey! My DD's boyfriend (of the moment) does graffiti! (not on handbags of course.....more like railroad cars and picket fences.....ugh) I think I'll ask him to have his way with an old no-name bag and see how it comes out!

    Great idea, eTupe!
  6. If the quality of your friends work matches the quality of the bag, then absolutely. I am all for wearable art.
  7. My favorite Birkin ever was Gaultier's white Birkin customized w/ blk for Linda Evangelista and so I would love sort of an homage to that image, or an homage to personalization in general and agree with CB about the quality I say go for it!
  8. ^ I LOVED that bag....lucky Linda.
  9. I know...:heart::heart::heart:that bag, :heart:Linda, she kinda hit the jackpot in general....she looks amazing in everything.

  10. I know. Not many people in the world could have their face painted on the side of a Birkin and still look so chic. Knowing my luck, there would be veining all over my face - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ^^yes, yes--mine would have to be in togo!!
  12. What a great idea to bring a used, trashed bag back to life. Go for it!
  13. I love it too! So unique and gorgeous- but ITA with everyone above that I probably wouldn't look as good on a bag as Linda :p
    Linda Birkin Clean.jpg
  14. gawd I love that pic!
  15. Thanks. I really like the idea (if it's executed well, which I am sure he will). I was thinking $3-4000. What would you pay?