Customization, repairs, modifications questions

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  1. Hi all, not sure where this belongs, but I have read a few posts in passing or seen beautiful collections (namely the moka epi bucket with the purple lining) that I cannot seem to get out of my head. I know we can request customization, but wanted to know what is fair game for customization? Just linings? I mean if a bag is discontinued or no longer produced, what work would they do on it? Would they repair it? Could you request, say a discontinued piece be made on special order?

    If so, what is a rough price-range for each of the above modifications?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. sry, but if it's dct, then it's a no no for SO :crybaby:
  3. I think you can only SO certain lines, like vernis cannot be SOd =( Do a search and there is quite a lot on this topic xx I think SOs are a mark up of 30%
  4. 30% is the basic mark up, like if there's a shape in Mono, and u want SO in Damier (ellipse for example), the % goes higher depending the the level of SO. LV also accept one of a kind SO-SO from scratach, making it one and only in the world, of course it's subject to approval first, the price tag will be one and only high too :sweatdrop:
    Generally speaking, SO is something for SURE you will love, b/c it takes a long~ time (8~15 months) to get it back.
  5. Thanks guys! What about repairs/modifications? Like if I have an old EPI (style no longer made) that I want to request a different couleur interieur for?
  6. Unfortunately, you can't order any discontinued bag on SO. Generally:
    -virtually any mono or damier model at least 2 yrs old can be made in the opposite material- generally a 30% premium
    -MC So's are a no no except for Alzers and certain other hard-sided luggage- VERY expensive (think $6K and up)
    -I've never seen an epi bag in another material, but certain mono/ damier models can be SO'd in epi, but the price is substantially more
    - I'm 99% certain LV won't SO Suhali, Damier Geant, Taiga, Utah, etc. (although I have seen custom-created hardcase luggages in Taiga)
  7. Discontinued items cannot be special-ordered. So for example, you couldn't special-order a red epi Sutton or a fawn epi Deauville.

    As for repairs on discontinued items, depending on what type of repair it is, I'd suggest you phone the store to inquire.
  8. by deauville do you mean it cant be SOd or an old colour cnt be SOd. id love a red deauville.
  9. Yup, sounds about right to me.

    The only SO Vernis piece I've seen was a Bucket.
  10. any discontinued color cannot be SOed . any discontinued line cannot be SOed. if we could, we'd all get some Cherry Blossom, Eye Love, Cerise or Graffiti things made today.

    as far as repairing old discontinued items, i think it's all on a case by case basis, call the store for a more specific answer. I have heard of people changing the color of their interior epi pieces, because the old color was discontinued, so you'd have to double check with them on that.
  11. What I meant was that a discontinued colour (and discontinued style) can't be special-ordered.

    The Deauville itself can be special-ordered in a currently-produced material - e.g., red epi. I once saw a red epi Deauville last year at the boutique.

    But once again, phone the store for further inquiry. LV may or may not special-order a Deauville in certain currently-produced materials.
  12. And, when SOing in epi expect a lot more than 30% markup...:push:
  13. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all your input - a bit of a bummer (to expect more than a 30% markup to SO an epi, Liberte'). I actually saw a moka epi bucket with a purple lining (wouldn't have thought about the combination but it looks heavenly) so am leaning towards this for a few of my epi pieces...

    Thanks again valleyoppressed, john, frozen, eyelove, liberte'