Customised colored leather-edge sealant?

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  1. just wanted to share an interesting discovery (to me at least). I've always thought that the color of the sealant used to seal/coat the leather edges (eg. top and handles etc) was standardised based on the color of the leather. For instance, pure white bags would have white sealants, Gold, blue jeans etc would have the dark brown sealants etc.

    My best friend just came back from Europe with her mom and unbeknownst to her DH she managed to get a rose dragee birkin (she was put on a purse ban by her DH). She was doing a quick reveal to me and as she hurriedly packed it away (as her DH was coming back), something caught my eyes. The color of the leather edge sealant on her RD birkin is a dark grey almost black! I have a RD kelly and the leather edges are a pale lilac greyish tone. Mika's blog shows a RD birkin with edges of similar pale lilac grey tone.

    I have to say I actually like the contrast of the dark grey-black leather edge against the Rose Dragee color. It adds a touch of rocker chic to an otherwise girlish color. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take picture of the whole bag as she was in a hurry to pack the bag away from her DH!!!!!

    Here's a quick shot (using my HP) of the top of the bag showing the dark grey leather edges


    Here's mika's RD birkin showing the pale edges


    Here's my RD kelly showing the conventional pale edges

    Would it be fun to be able to choose the color of the sealants in addition to the color of the leathers? For instance, an white birkin with black sealants?
  2. this is very interesting... i wld love to customise my leather sealant color to my bag.
  3. Thanks for sharing that information archangel!
  4. You have a great eye for detail, archangel! :tup:
  5. It looks good with a darker colour on the lighter coloured bags, not so much the other way around though IMO.
  6. One of my Kellys has "custom resin" - not done by me, though!
  7. May I have the link to Mika's blog? I would like a closer look to that ivory/blue birkin in the back
  8. I love the contrasting edges on the RD, I think it is a beautiful touch.

    For more on the edging process, called inking, have a look at Judy Bown's blog. She has a great article on it. I have posted this before, but this seems a good time for a refresher course!

    She has another intersting article on zippers as well. Her bags are crafted in a manner much like it is interestint to read her insights...
  9. For what it's worth, I was surprised to notice that my new Raisin Birkin has brown edging. Makes for an interesting look, but I wouldn't have chosen it outright.
  10. What a cool discovery. I agree with Liberte... probably looks a lot better on lighter coloured bags. I noticed that my raisin has brown sealant too. I wouldn't have picked it, but I think it looks better than black.
  11. I agree with MrsSparkles. What an eye you have Archangel!
  12. Gosh...i can't even decide on the colors, leathers and size of Birkin and now we are talking abt sealant !!!!!!
    No wonder i love Hermes!!!!
  13. Oh - I like that on the RD!!
  14. Thank you, CobaltBlu.:heart: I learn something new here again! :flowers:
  15. Great information!! Thanks for sharing.