Customer Service Night and Day at two different locations ++


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Apr 22, 2010
I learned here about the pre sale at their outlets. You need to be on a client list to have access.

I called the store in Woodbury Commons because I'm going to be there tomorrow. I've shopped there plenty of times but don't have a particular associate I work with. Mainly because it's a zoo when I go and there's a line outside to even go inside.

I call politely and ask about the pre sale. Mention I've been a customer for a while. The manager could not have been nastier. She told me unless I have a SA assigned to me I can't have access to the pre sale. I understand that and asked if I could be assigned an SA now and I would definitely work with only her from here on out as that would be easier for both of us.

This manager said no and that unless I was already in a client book there's just no way to be added even if I have shopped there before and "spent thousands." Her words. Not mine. I would never throw a number out like that.

I hung up. I said you want to pick and choose who gets added to a list? I even understood if I would be excluded from this pre sale but just wanted to know about future ones. Plus I have a shopping history there and she could have looked it up and I even asked if she could. She said no and started to say something and I couldn't deal so I interrupted and said thank you goodbye and hung up.

I then called another location in MA. Same words I used in the same tone and the response I received was one that was so pleasant and happy to work with me. She even suggested a $40 item so I could get bumped up to the next tier and save even more than $40. She's sending me photos and free overnight shipping and added me to her client list without hesitation. Obviously from now on I'll only work with her.

I'm so glad I called the second location because I was ready to write off Tory Burch completely.

Customer service can change everything. It's mind blowing! I want to contact someone higher up to sing my praises of the second SA.
Jul 9, 2015
I know exactly what you mean about wanting to call someone higher up to send praise. My SA at my local boutique is amazing, she recently sent me a handwritten letter in the mail and frequently calls me to let me know about items I may like as well new arrivals. As a contemporary brand, Tory Burch excels in customer service when compared to brands such as MK.