Customer Service - L'Occitane - STINKS!!!!!!!

  1. Not only did it take 3 weeks to ship my order - they didn't send half of it!
    They didn't charge me either..but...I ordered those candle gift sets they had on sale at the end of December - and they didn't even come! Also, 3 other items I ordered were not sent - (again, not charged) and my free samples were not included.

    What's even more...I just was put on hold for a HALF HOUR to speak to a customer service rep - I had to hang up b/c no one picked up.

    I'm never ordering from this company again!
  2. You know, the same thing happened to me on my last order about two months ago. I was missing a $36 product from a $150 order. Charged for it, listed on my sheet as included, and when I called, they said "oh, okay, we'll ship again", and it came two weeks (!) later.
    It was a weird experience. I got the feeling that the person on the other end at customer service had nothing to do with L'Occitane, and that it happened all the time. But it disappointed me enough to not want to trust mailorder again with them.

    Most retailers would be extremely apologetic about charging a customer without providing a product.
  3. wow, i was about to put in an order their too!
    that sounds really crappy.
  4. i worked for them one year as a holiday gift wrapper. feh. sorry that happened to you guys.
  5. this sounds really scary !
  6. They have the worst customer service! Too bad their products are so amazing. As much as I hate them for their lousy service, I love their stuff!
  7. They have really bad customer service. I bought some things that ended up going on sale but they couldn't credit me the full price I paid. After three trips and two weeks, I finally got a credit back, but not even the full amount I paid (they forgot to include the tax). I decided it wasn't worth arguing for $3....
  8. Even when they have great online codes and deals, I won't buy from them because of their horrible customer service. There's a brick and mortar store about 8 blocks away from my house anyway so I just buy from there.
  9. l'occitane has really bad customer service. I emailed them my complaint and they NEVER replied.
  10. Wow, I guess I lucked out. I bought twice from the December online sales and both my orders came on time and complete. I also bought more stuff at the retail stores in my area but after your stories I might just stick to buying at their stores and not online.
  11. Wow, sorry you had to go through this!! I am disappointed to read about their bad customer service! Their products are amazing. I love this line and I have ordered from them 3 or 4 times the last few months without any problems. I guess I've been lucky!!
  12. I also had very bad experience with their customer service. The reps were cold and act like "we make a lot of money and we don't need your business." :yucky: I stop ordering from their site 2 years ago. Instead, I go to my local boutique. People in boutique are very nice and helpful.
  13. Yes - Boutique service is wonderful and I still love their products.

    I just think their on-line business/service has been "outsourced".
  14. This is good to know. I always go to the boutique and have always received wonderful service.
  15. Well, I agree with the horrible service. It happened to me twice. I let it go once and gave them another, I am done with them. It is sad, but obviously they don't make any changes.