Customer Poll

  1. I got an email this weekend for a Coach Customer poll, It promised an entry for a drawing of a $250 GC. Did anyone else get it? If so, you must tell if you win!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I didn't get the email but I'd sure like one so I can enter the drawing!!
  3. i want to enter too
  4. me too!
  5. I got one too! funny they send me the survey... but no pce card, so you can be sure I let them know how I felt about that on the survey, lol.
  6. i did that poll, too.

    can't remember what i said, but i'm sure i babbled. lol.
  7. I didn't get that email survey but my SO did...

    Guess who completed it?? :graucho:
  8. I got one too. I wonder if they actually read the comments, or if they just look at the boxes we check, b/c I had a lot to say as well.
  9. I want one!!
  10. I got the email but there was no link. ??
  11. I got one!!
  12. yes I got it too! :yahoo:
  13. I did favorite question was the one asking what kind of reward you want for answering.....X amount of awards at X $ amount (there were a few options) or guaranteed $25 for responding. I'd rather have a guaranteed $25 then maybe not get anything!
  14. i think i wrote in, at some point, that ANY guaranteed item would make most people happy. even if it was just a free perfume sample, that would be enough to make ME happy! lol.
  15. Excellent point!!!!!!