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  1. I've purchased LVs from Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, online, Saks, and Bloomingdales, and of course in the US. Are they all connected in our purchase history? And if they are, how far back does it actually go? I'm curious to know what SAs see when they ring me up. I don't have a dedicated SA.
  2. On the store floor, they can only see your purchases in one country. Residents of country X, your purchases stay for several years on record even if you don't buy every year. Tourists who buy once in country X, their purchases disappear after one year (or maybe two - I can't remember) unless they buy again in country X etc...

    To summarize, it depends on the adress on file.

    It's complicated. Lol
  3. I've bought pieces in Canada, the US, Mexico, Europe, and Australia and my local SA said he can pull up my international history going back 5+ years if I mention it due to a new program they're using (sorry, can't remember the name since it's been a while).
  4. That's great to know!
    OP my info dates back a few years, so Miss Krys has probably more updated intel!
  5. I remember having this conversation in another thread but it was so far back my post history doesn't show it anymore. The gist of it was that SAs, when pulling a customer's history, whether for a repair or sale, will initially see the domestic transaction list unless the customer mentions an international history as well. If that's the case the SA then can perform an "international search" through LV's global records (thanks to the new software and global link) and see a more detailed picture. I sent off an Australian-bought wallet and my SA was then able to casually reference off my other purchases outside of Canada, spanning back several years, and ask me how I was liking them and how they were holding up...I never told him about those but he was able to give me a location, date, and even time when I asked out of curiosity.
  6. This is what I was told too.

    I asked my SA this last week in Frankfurt because we'll be moving home to Australia soon. She said that their normal computer system only shows the domestic purchasing history but there is another program that the SA's can access which shows the international purchasing history.

    This interested me in case I need to have something repaired after I've moved.
  7. Thanks for those answers. This is definitely good to know!
  8. Yes. They can pull it up in the back office computer, not on the sales floor. My SAs in different countries have all told me this. In fact, there has been a recent effort to consolidate the profiles of people who have several on their systems.
  9. Can you return a purchase from another country to your country? Like if I bought in Paris, could I return in the US as long as I have a receipt if I change my mind?

  10. That's what I was told too.
  11. This is what I was told too, as my SA saw what I had purchased elsewhere.
  12. Correct.