Customer didn't pay customs

  1. Ever have a buyer not pay the customs charges and they return the item to sender? How long does it take to send a package from UK to USA economy? Package sat in UK almost 2 months now it's coming back to me. The buyer acts like he never got a notice to pay customs. Could that be right?
  2. no way. I bet the customs tax was higher then buyer wanted to pay so they refused it. I would think it would take no more than a couple of weeks. Did they provide you with a tracking number?
  3. Ya there was tracking and insurance. If I hadn't found out about the parcel force site like a month ago I wouldn't know anything.

    So now it's coming back to me economy rate. How much is customs charges on a $72 item. If anyone knows that would be great. For curiosity.
  4. am in the uk customs here is huge
    also the shippers would of charged 40 dollars handling fee on top of I think 40 percent of stated value
    so yep no point in paying it
  5. ^^^so why buy then???
  6. For Buyers it seems to always be the Sellers' fault and for Sellers it seems to always be the Buyers' fault. What Buyers often seem to overlook is that is is THEIR country that imposes and charges duty, NOT the Seller. How in the world would a Seller be able to control fees charged by the Buyer's country?
  7. I'm Dutch and everyting over 25 euro (including shipping (38 dollars) is taxable (i assume it is the same in UK) about 25 % (19 vat + import taxes), that's why it is best to send "gift" with hardly value.

    And no the buyer would have had a notice telling him/her to pay his duties and if not then sending back.
  8. Wow! I send things to the UK all the time(I'm in the US) thinking they are getting a great deal because of the exchange rate.

    They have to pay customs fees on everything? No matter what the value?

    I bought a collectible box(Halcyon Days) from someone in the UK. I really thought about it because of the exchage rate is so not in our favor. I can't remember the exact cost of the item..but with the exchange rate close to $200 USD. I just had to pick it up at the Post Office. No fees.
  9. I'm not sure about the UK, but I shipped 5 packages to a buyer in Brazil and customs only cleared one of the packages to the buyer. I am still waiting to get the last package that Brazilian customs refused and returned to me and the buyer bought them in the beginning of April. Luckily the buyer has been in touch with customs and they have provided him with the tracking #s for each of the packages, so he's been really patient. Needless to say, it can take a LONG time! :sad:

  10. Well, it's probably best for the buyer because it helps them to avoid paying tax. But for the seller, it's not only a very big risk - it's illegal. Falsifying a government document is a crime and if the item gets lost, the seller is out the item and the money.
  11. I have had a really hard time with Parcel Force. I would not be surprised if the customer did not get a notice. I have had nothing but complaints about them any time I have been unfortunate enough to have a USPS parcel redirected to them for delivery. I am really reluctant to ship to the UK now because of it. The last time I did, the buyer had to drive 40 miles to the PF station to pick up the parcel. They attempted to deliver it once, did not leave a notice and the buyer had to run interference.
  12. It all depends on what "Class" the article was.

    A handbag customs fees is anything between 3 and 9.5 % of the declared value. Then there is the additonal cost of VAT 17.5% (Value Added Tax) on top of that.
  13. I do not see the thing about falsifying a federal government, as far I know you fill out gift .... it will not problem the seller, only the buyer if customs decide to open the package ...
  14. i have something that was sent to the uk in march i think. the buyer supposedly went on vacation for a few weeks and when she came back the package was already sent back. not sure i buy it but she emails me every once in a while to see if it came back to me, it hasn't. nothing has ever come back to me when they say it would.
  15. I don't have a problem with documenting items as gifts but I make certain to insure them for full value.