Customer and tracking number

  1. :confused1: It says nowhere in my auction that I would be shipping priority or providing a tracking number - it actually says I'll ship parcel post(I upgraded the shipping for the item to priority anyways because it was less than I thought it would be) but now the buyer is asking for a tracking number. Do I just say "umm there is no tracking number because you didn't ask for priority specifically" or what? I shipped the item already so I can't go back and put a tracking number on it.
  2. ^ totally agree! these days, i always get at least delivery confirmation because i hear about so many scams about buyers supposedly not receiving items when they did. and if it was paid for via paypal, and they file a claim, you're out money because there's no signature or delivery confirmation number.

    since you already sent it out, i guess you'll just have to tell her there is no tracking number.
  3. The Delivery Confirmation No (which you HAVE to purchase if you ship using paypal - free for Priority shipping though), is just that, a confirmation of delivery, not a tracking number, although a lot of my customers seem to think it does both!

    Just a heads up for future transactions - if you don't provide Delivery Confirmation, and the buyer files an 'item not received' dispute with paypal, you will automatically lose. To have seller protection from paypal you have to ship to a confirmed address, with D.C.

    Doesn't help here of course - I would just let them know the date you sent the item, and the no of days quoted for delivery (2/3 priority mail), and ask them to contact you if it hasn't arrived within a week or so.
  4. I didn't ship using paypal and it was really cheap dvd.
  5. Well, if the buyer claims they didn't get it, you'll have to prove that you did send it -- make sure you keep your receipt.

    But I do agree with the other posts, in the future to protect yourself, never ship anything without some sort of tracking -- no matter how cheap.
  6. ^^^agree, keep your receipt, but tell her your auction stated it would be parcel post, not priority w. tracking. it's the buyer's fault for assuming. i don't sell on eBay, but i won't buy from someone who won't send me tracking info. hope your seller gets her dvd!