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  1. If you really liked a ring but the proportions were wrong (I have very large fingers) would you have a problem showing the ring to a jeweler and asking them to make it but proportioned to be twice as thick? I fell in love with a ring I saw at Tiffany, but on me it looks tiny and wrong. On my friend with small hands it is gorgeous. I know Tiffany would not make me one, so would it be wrong to have one made? It is so unfair that rings aren't made wider when they are made larger! What do you think?
  2. Not a problem in my book. Most jewelers would be very happy to help...just make sure you see their work before you commit to a particular person.
  3. Not problems at all. All my rings are custom made to fit my finger size (proportion-wise) AND the stone size.
  4. Agreed. I have not had any luck in the custom department. At all.