Custom ring - 14k white gold vs. Stuller/Cobb vs. Palladium vs. Platinum?


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Feb 2, 2010
My fiance and I are relative novices / newbies to jewelry. We are getting custom wedding bands made. We had originally planned on getting them made in platinum. We went to a reputable jeweler (Eli's Jewelry in the LA Diamond District). After much talk, the jeweler (Raffi) convinced us that 14k white gold-rhodium would give us the best casting and durability. We both use our hands a lot in our jobs (she collects soil samples and I wash my hands in the hospital).

We decided to go with 14k white gold, but now we're having second thoughts. My question is, "Why would a reputable dealer convince us to get 14k rhodium white gold?" Are there case where it is truly "better / durable" and a better choice than platinum?

I've search Google and these forums and found some information regarding the comparison of:
-14k white gold rhodium-plated
-Stuller "X1 white gold" forever white
-"Precise White Gold" from W.R. Cobb
-18K palladium white gold
-950 Palladium
-950 Platinum S1
-950 Platinum Ru or Cobalt

The jeweler also said if the platinum band broke, he'd have to repair it with white gold anyways - so we should just use white gold. And, he said the rhodium plating was not a big deal.

We are relative jewelry novices, and we were satisfied with his explanation and decided on white gold - but recently I began searching the internet and discovered Stuller and Cobb's alternative non-rhodium white golds and palladium. From what I've been reading, if you can afford it though, platinum is the best choice of all. Apparently, platinum S1 if available.

Why would the jeweler convince us to get 14k white gold if it wasn't the best choice or if other choices were available, such as Stuller and Cobb?

Considering the time and effort we're putting into getting the custom pieces done, we'd like them to have longevity.

Any help or reassurance would be greatly appreciated. If need be, I'd rather get them recast than have an unsatisfactory ring.



Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
It's really a personal choice. In my personal experience, WG stays shinier and brighter longer with less scratches. But it has to be dipped occasionally because the rhodium plating wears off. It wears off at a different rate for each person depending on how hard you are on the ring and also your body's Ph. I have a ring that's white gold that I wear about once a week and I re-dip it about once every two years. My husband's wedding band is white gold and he wears it every day and only needs to re-dip every four or five years. Re-dipping is very inexpensive--usually about $15. Platinum never needs to be re-dipped. But it scratches more easily and patinas, therefore it's not quite as shinny.

Does your fiance have an engagement ring? If so, it's best if the metals match for durability.


Apr 9, 2008
OMG, repair a plat. band with wg - I'd find another jeweler. That's not good. Doable - yes but not good. Palladium is less $$ than platinum but it is a 'greyer' finish once worn. You never know how wg will wear - some never 'pools' the yellow but some will. That is really determined when the ring is caste and how the alloys happen to mix. You can't go wrong with plat. - you don't lose it but it is more pliable than gold and like ahertz mentioned above, is not as shiny as wg. Being in the business though and constantly having my jewelry monitored by our on staff jewelers, your GF really shouldn't wear her eng. ring while she's collecting soil samples unless guarded by gloves. Anyway, best of luck with your decision and purchase.