Custom painting?

  1. I know there was talk of LV begining to personalize soft-sided mono bags a while ago- has anyone had this done yet? And what specifically will they do (initials, stripes, crowns, etc.)?
  2. I noticed that option in the catalogue recently too. I was thinking of having something done on my speedy to make it more unique, but don't know how long it would take, how durable the painting would be?
  3. I think Michelle posted about this once. I think she has some good info on it. I think you can get initials and a few designs but don't quote me on that! LOL
  4. ^IA, with Crystal. Michelle mentioned it once on another post about custom painting on a Monogram.
  5. they don't do it. i asked my SA again about it this week. only hard sided luggage.
  6. hmmm, at valley fair (where both michelle and I shop...among others)...they said some softsided pieces could be done, inclusing speedy and keepall....about 4-6 weeks, and price depending on deisgn. Stries, initials, crowns and some other motifs.
  7. i will talk to my SA again. she said it was a big company no-no.
  8. ^ Not true - I am 99% sure you can get it modded with LV's stripes colour palette and Initial-ized as well. Mich can find out for us :yes:
  9. When I asked about this at Rodeo a while back they said they weren't allowed to do it anymore but if I wanted they could give me the number they have of an artist....No thanks!
  10. ^^^how long ago was that....because although they have always done it, it was a big push in the Holiday campaigns...maybe it's just a VIC offering? :shrugs:
  11. has anyone ever seen a soft bag that was custom painted?
  12. I could never have anybody paint my bags! IMO!
  13. September I believe....I really wanted some graffiti on a speedy...or something:crybaby:
  14. we shall see what the LV G-ds decree
  15. If you want something like the Graffiti line, then no. But if you want stripes and your initials, I think they definitely still do that :yes: