Custom Orders

  1. I always wanted to ask and I always forget, so here it goes because I just remembered....

    What if you have a leather accessory piece you love from another brand or even a non-branded item and you would love to have it made by Hermes. You absolutely know Hermes does not make it. Is there a chance that a custom piece can be done? Anyone have any knowledge or info about something like this?
  2. ^that's a fantastic question. I always wonder myself.

    Sorry, I don't have the answer but I am sure someone else will.
  3. According to the store manager of Hermes Magasin in Paris. Yes and No, they do have a special Made-to-order department with a team of expert to develop and create client's order. But this yes also sepends what it is and who the client is.
    (Sting is a big client of H which they made cases for all his guiters)
  4. You are so sweet to answer this for me CC.

    I remember reading that they do custom work, but I don't know any details. Anyone else have info?
  5. I asked about a ....ahem.... tissue case. Granted that they did this in the past so it's not completely 'new' to them. The answer was, yes they can but it will cost....
  6. ^They can custom mobile phone cases too.

    My SA was trying to get me to do it. Said they've done it before.

    Very popular with clients who have Vertu phones apparently. Although now this may change since Vertu and Goyard have collaborated on phone cases for Vertu.
  7. When you say cost...LOL...I mean is it a huge premium over the typical cost of items at Hermes?
  8. I was guessing so by the expression on my SAs face when he said the word 'cost' lol
  9. Generally speaking, it is possible...:yes:

    ...You may place a request for whatever you are thinking of having made and your store can pass it on to the Paris department for SO's. Again as always, this depends on your SA and your store, since not all of them are familiar with assisting you on what is possible and whatsoever is absolutely impossible to produce.

    I hear that occasionally they even keep producing a piece that was originally fitted onto someones personal needs for their regular line...
    ...Was that the 'Tanaka' bag, for example?...I'll do a research on that;)

    were you thinking of anything specific to order?
  10. My SA told me H created the Kelly Lakis because Mr. Lakis requested it. He must be some rich Greek shipping tycoon.
  11. Yes; the question has been adequately answered above--it is a somewhat tricky situation and depends on the SA and store--best chances I believe would be at FSH (my DH and I were offered the opportunity a while back but did not go forward with it and now that opportunity may never occur again). The design has to be consistent with the H philosophy and approved by them before they will make it.
    I didn't know about Sting; I do know Eric Clapton has had guitar cases made.
  12. I was told most stores would NOT do it. Because it is a small item and eats into their store quota for SOs, which can be better used with high value items like in a birkin, which would yield them more sales dollars. Sad but very true.

    My guess is that the Dubai store will accept such SOs from the royalties there. I was told some H stores do so well in sales, that the store managers and SAs there are like celebrities in the H family. They get to order anything they like, so long as it's not ghastly looking. :yes:
  13. Hermes has a team of eight craftsmen that work on special projects. You can even supply your own material, but as a previous poster said, it all depends who you are, and what it is you're asking for.