Custom order... worth it ?... and if what should I get, please help!


Which one's hould I choose?

  1. VP in light gray with silver tip

  2. NP in light gray with silver tip

  3. VP's in nude patent bronze tip

  4. NP's in nude patent bronze tip

  5. VP's in nude patent silver tip

  6. NP's in nude patent silver tip

  7. Simples in 10 in light gray leather

  8. Simples in light gray patent

  9. Other...please submit ideas!

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  1. As I said in my other thread I am just back from Paris more details here:

    and I came back with the idée fixe to custom order.

    Do you guys think it's worth it or should I wait for more of the collection to come out...?Or for the same money try the bay?

    Now this would be really special, also i usually wear a 39 in VP's but would you size up 1/2 a size for summer...?

    I really want smth in nude patent...VP's or NP's maybe with a silver tip (would that be off?) please tell me what you think ideas are welcome.

    I was also thinking of light gray VP's or NP's wit a silver tip yummy and a pair of gray simples for fall???

    I posted a multiple choice poll...! But can't ge more than two.

    I am open to other suggestions ... but I can't afford to custom order python or croc:p!
  2. VP's in light grey with a grey tip sound tres yummy! Light grey simples would also be fab. I would go for either or both of those. They VP's could be dressier and the simples could be dressed up or down.
  3. I really like the light gray silver idea too, but I also want smth nude but you have to come up with smth that has never been in stores before so it's a bid tricky...keep ideas coming they will get back to me on monday so there is enough time left.
  4. I saw in a look book that simples were being made in gray for the spring collection. Not sure what shade but you might want to wait until you see those!
  5. Oh really thanks for letting me know, I checked the book in store but I know that it is diffrent from the US and not exhaustive as I was told... So I will wait, also the simples aren't that great for summer.....

    Please keep votes and suggestions coming the SA will get back to me tomorrow and I am still not really shure.

    I just love nude patent but seem to lack imagination to come up with a "special" idea that will be really wearable:confused1:!
  6. Girls please keep on voting and let me know your ideas opinions, I will have to be rather precise tomorrow and I am still not totally clear...I think the light gray VP's with silver tip come in first but I wonder if nude patent NP's with a nude colored python tip would be a good idea????
  7. I voted for the light grey VPs with silver tip! Can't wait to see pics of whatever you end up ordering!

  8. Thanks I think this might be the way to go... I might just get one pair would be more reasonnable ang get on a waitlist for anything nude , but they can't tell me for shure what will come in next.:s
  9. Catcat, I am also considering doing a SO.
    The patent nudes are not available in Europe like they are in USA, since there are not many shops that carry the brand. Here you can buy them directly from the store or eBay, but this restricts the model/color options available.

    I am totally decided to order Simple Pumps in patent nude! I would also order VP with gold tip in same color. It's the best option IMHO
  10. I know but you can't I asked about the VP's with gold tip but a special order has to be a model that has never been part of the regular collection worldwide, so it really narrows down your options.:confused1: