Custom Order Pricing Question

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site, but I have loved reading all of your juicy comments on everything LV. I had a question on a custom order's price.

    I am interested in getting an Alexei in Black Epi and was wondering if there's a particular formula used for pricing of custom orders at LV or if it's relatively similar to the original item's price? I know it will vary based upon materials, etc.

    Does anyone have a guess about this? I know that the price for it now is 1270, if ordered in Taiga.

  2. its about 30% more than the retail price
  3. Yes, about 30% more. But they will not accept all order.
  4. Thank you both so much! I suppose that's not too much, considering you get to have something that is only made upon special request.
  5. For sure...but remember that not all styles can be special ordered and you have to wait typically 4-6 months sometimes 1 year depending on their order status back in France....and you wont be able to see the product before hand you have to be really commited....:yes:
  6. No refunds too. I believe you have to pay 50% first at time of order. And the remaining 50% when the item arrives.
  7. :yes: