Custom Order BE Choc (Glossy) SM

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have some really good news for everyone that loves the Stroke Me today. I've been asking Jackie ever since I saw that stunning picture of her choc SM, to please put me on her wait list. You ladies, understand she has to have enough interest before going ahead with a special order.

    Well, I just heard this morning from Jackie. She is ready to order the same Choc SM she owns (the one she sent in the picture) for all of us here. All, she needs are deposits today/this weekend to begin the bespoke.

    I titled this thread, "glossy" chocolate, but officially I'm not sure if that's really what you would call it. I wanted everyone to know, it's not the matter, drier leather like in the older style SM. Jackie explains this one becomes even glossier with time and takes on a pretty "shine". The proper word might not be "glossy" but shiny.

    But, It's not the same leather as the wine, that one I do believe is "glossy". This Choc isn't as glossy but definetely much shinier/glossier then the matte leathers like dark grey or older style chocolate. I think all of BE leather's are incredible, but I wanted everyone to better understand the choc if your interested in ordering one.

    I hope this help clarifies.
    Anyway, I"m ready to order my choc SM today, anyone else interested?:smile:
  2. Lovebags! Thanks for this info. You are a fashion maven! This is good news for many tpf'ers. I, however, love my dusty grey matte chocolate Stroke Me and will continue to watch you all buy.
  3. Lovebags2 - are you still getting the chocolate mini?

    I'm so confused because there has been so much excitement over ALL the bags that I can't tell who is getting what.:p I am now drooling over the SM medium but I was thinking black crash and of course that will not be included in the sale, so I may just have to get IM because it will be on sale. These threads are killing me. I need to just walk away until my mini comes in since that is my first BE. :yes:
  4. Hi Suzi, of course, I"m getting the choc mini too, LOL

    Everyone here knows how much I love the crash leather, yes? But, the choc leather is just amazing also. Crash is a more sexy, indestructable, chic style. Whereas, the choc glossy, is absolutely a yummy, everyday, chic and still somewhat sexy leather. Am I confusing you?

    When, I think of certain styles, I envision certain types of Jackie's leathers. For instance, the SM style I favor the glossy. Yet, the mini's, I love, them all. And for the LM, I love the crash.

    But, I bet the choc glossy would look amazing on the LM too!!! Oh dear....LOL
  5. Oh my.... too many choices.... :sweatdrop:
  6. I'm with there. I want to try everything, but cannot...:nogood:
  7. Could you put a link to the pic or the thread, I've been combing the various threads looking for it.

  8. not to add more confusion, but i think a glossy choc HOLD ME would be awesome too!!
  9. Oh my goodness you are going to break my brain and my bank!! I want them all. The SM never jumped out at me to begin with but now after hearing you all talk so much about it, it is starting to grow on me. I did see the choc glossy and it is amazing! So tell me how much is the deposit and how long will it take for the bag to come in? If we make a deposit now when will the rest of the money be due? Sorry for all the questions but I am trying to figure out if I can afford it! LOL Also what size the med or large? I think I might like the med better than the large. The large seems like it might be too big by the measurements.
  10. Congrats Lovebags2!!! I think that SM will be just delicious! And very sexy!!!

  11. Karenina -- Get the Large Stroke Me. It really is not big. It is SOOO light. I am 5'6" and I don't like big bags (which is why I'm letting go of my Black Crash Love Me). And I find the large Stroke Me to be perfectly lovely. And I have to say, that I tend to prefer structured bags and at first, I didn't think the Stroke Me would appeal to me. But something interested me about the bag, and I got it, and now IT IS THE CHICEST BAG IN THE WORLD! I feel positively AMAZING when I use it. The bag is totally different when you have it on, and when it has things in it, then when you just see a picture of it, where it looks triangle-ish. I walked into a Vuitton store with my Stroke Me and I felt that I had the best bag in the whole store. :p
  12. I totally agree. The large is NOT that big at all... :smile:
  13. Where is the picture of the glossy chocolate? I can't seem to find it. Thanks so much!
  14. check the "lets talk about the BE LM mini" thread - they were posted there - the color really is pretty!!
  15. Hi Ladies, I just wanted to update everyone on this custom for the choc glossy SM.

    I've now received enough requests/orders for , that Jackie will move forward and order it for us. I believe soon, but, I'll confirm once I hear from her probably on Monday.

    So, anyone that is still interested in the choc SM, contact Jackie during the week and let her know.....

    Thanks, and congrats to those who purchased one, I think we're all going to just love it. The leather is simply gorgeous!